Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl

Emi turns TWO today!

461 days ago (ignoring such silly things as International Date lines) our darling girl was placed in our arms. I've been trying to think of something special to do, to commemorate such a cool birthday. Turning two on the second day of the second month. 2 - 2 - 2. For some reason I just think that rocks.

However, we had no huge party or even a small one. Jeff and I decided to celebrate it yesterday so we could make a day of it. I made a spice cake (with pink frosting and sprinkles, haha!), and we gave her her present after her nap (Fisher Price's Little People Castle - oh, and trust me - I got a *much* better deal that that!).


(She played with it ALL afternoon!)

Today, Emi and I will spend the day as we typically do. A pretty quiet day, playing and snuggling and reading and playing some more. I cherish days like this, as I realize they will be coming to an end sooner rather than later.

Some Amazing Things About Emi! (I gave up on trying to make a list of 461, thank me now.)

  1. Emi was placed in our arms on October 29, 2007
  2. She was sleeping!
  3. At nine months she could sit up, but if she fell over she was stuck
  4. At 10 months she was crawling, backwards (not forward)
  5. At eleven months she was cruising, then taking some steps
  6. At twelve months - walking
  7. At thirteen months - walking well, then running
  8. Has never looked back!
  9. Now loves to run, jump and climb on anything and everything
  10. Yes, she’s still called Danger Girl
  11. Loves loves loves to be outside
  12. Loves the park, hates swings
  13. Knows many of her body parts, but prefers to point them out on mama or daddy
  14. Loves TV & Movies (yes, it’s true). Her fav’s: TV: Little Bear, Oswald, Kai-lan, Little Einsteins, My Friends Tigger and Pooh. DvDs: Kipper, Tinker Bell, Winnie the Pooh and just recently, Cinderella (oh, not for Cinderella herself, Emi likes the mice and birds!)
  15. Loves music and loves to dance
  16. Loves water – faucets, the tub, swimming anything with water in it or running out of it
  17. Except, hates having her hair washed, we even do that first on the bathroom counter so that water doesn't get into her eyes and ears (but it's okay if that happens when she is in the tub or pool!)
  18. Is really into animals. Anytime she sees one she points it out and demands whoever is with her to tell her what it is
  19. Loves to look at books, still not big on being read to yet
  20. Loves puzzles
  21. Loves to color, however, Emi likes to sit on the floor and feed Max (the 13 year old Yorkie) crayons, so now we used colored pencils (dulled, not sharp)
  22. Loves her stuffed animals, especially Brutus the penguin (be careful when naming, things tend to stick!)
  23. Is finally getting into dolls. She carries MeiMei everywhere.
  24. Brutus and MeiMei go everywhere with us
  25. Loves making us tea in her little kitchen
  26. On January 21st at her 2 year checkup up (yes early, for once, she was 31.5” and 25 pounds 9 oz) (only two shots!)
  27. Is extremely healthy with only the cold she had when we received her, little fever thing the first Christmas, the croup and of course the wonderful seizure episode – but nothing else (of course, now that I’ve said that …)
  28. Understands pretty much everything we say, we have had to resort to spelling words but thankfully she hasn’t caught onto that. Yet.
  29. Has (we think) most of her teeth, with a set near the front that are fused and came in that way
  30. Is finally letting us brush her teeth. First, she does it then one of us can do it.
  31. Loves her little bike, which we have had to hide now that it is seriously too cold to ride (well, too cold for Mama).
  32. Loves to take walks
  33. Gets seriously ticked off that Max (the doglet) gets to go outside when she doesn’t.
  34. Finally has a word (uh-oh), and some of others. Da (daddy), og and doo for dog, hi and bye are sort of there, loves to says oops (but drops the ‘p’), brrrr, woof. She sort of has mama – but has yet to say it to me, usually uses it when chattering to herself. Just recently picked up ah-choo (without the ch) from watching Little Bear.
  35. Signing has *finally* sunk in after all the time we have been signing with her. Words like more, drink, milk, hungry, and just recently ... thank you! We also seem to have what Jeff and I are calling ESL (Emi Sign Language) as she is making up signs for what she wants. Hungry is not only the ASL sign, but also rubbing her tummy. Cold is crossing her arms and rubbing (like in Tinker Bell), all done or she doesn’t want something she will wave her hands, etc. So very cute.
  36. Mimics everything (we need to start being more careful of what we are doing!)
  37. We think Emi knows her many of colors, as I will ask her where the yellow circle is (for her puzzle) and she can pick up about 7 of them. She isn’t there yet if we just ask for the shape, but if it’s the color or color/shape she’s got many of them.
  38. She loves to watch Mama cook/bake, and adores helping. Her fav thing to make is muffins!
  39. Wears some 9 month but mainly 12-18 month clothes, size 4 and 5 size shoes
  40. Loves to go bye-bye. In fact, if anyone gets their shoes/jacket on and she sees it, you better be prepared to take Emi with. As long as Mama goes too, and it’s not first thing in the morning (which helps as poor ol’ daddy would not get a whole lot of work down in his office with Danger Girl around!)
  41. Is not really a morning person until she’s had her first cup of milk (although still likes to wake us at the crack of dawn)
  42. Sleeps and naps great in her crib (but rarely straight through the night still), prefers Mama’s bed with Daddy’s pillow (smile).
  43. Still lets mama pick out all her clothes, which I love.
  44. Is finally feeding herself more and more. I think I was the one holding that back, I didn't realize she should be and she didn't demand it.
  45. Is very upbeat and happy.
  46. Has never met a stranger. Loves people and kids. Although she doesn’t let just anyone pick her up any more. We don’t think it’s a bonding thing; it’s a personality/people thing. Outgoing, to say the least! (Someone in this household should be.)
  47. Loves to snuggle, cuddle, and give/get kisses! Loves giving wrap around the neck hugs.
  48. Likes to watch her movies standing next to me on the sofa, with her cheek pressed against mine. (Funny, only with movies, her TV shows she likes to play during, sort of listening to them and watching now and then.)
  49. Loves to be held, and if we are working in the kitchen, folding clothes, etc. will come up behind us and hug our leg. Oh gosh, this little girl has SO much love in her to share!
  50. And lastly, she adores Max. Almost too much. Sadly, we are still keeping them apart. Max is a grumpy old man who likes to sleep all day long. Emi is a whirling tornado that thinks Max should get up and play. Max tolerates her well, especially when it’s dinnertime.
For those who might have missed it, here is a better montage of Emi 2008!
I've had a request to put our trip all in one place linked on the side-bar. I have no idea how to do that neatly (sorry, it's my OCD showing through) so here it is. Anyone have any tips for me on how to do that (did I mention neatly?)? :)

Referral (Sept 4, 2007)
Paula Deen (pre-travel)
November 1st
November 4th
November 8th
November 15th (home)

There are many more posts September through December (2007) about our early days with Miss Emi. Of course I had to reread most of this. Wow, where does the time go? I can't believe she's already two! Our sweet little baby is getting to be a big girl, and I am so very proud of her. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't look at her in wonder and amazement with something she's done, figured out for herself or learned. We are so in love with this tiny little gal.


Cristina said...

Happy birthday darling Danger Girl!!! Wishing you all the very best for your special second birthday. With much love and hugs from across the oceans, Cristina xxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Emi!

Anna said...

I have watched your blog for the whole 2 yrs my dear and you always put a smile on my face. You will never know how happy I am for you three. Happy Birthday sweet Emi.
Love and Laughter

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday Miss Emi!!!!!My sister-in-law refers to the birthday of the day as the golden birthday and goes all out for it. I think it's a bit nuts, what if your youngest child is born on the 29th or something, and you've already got this tradition going... they'll miss out...

amy said...

Hope she had a wonderful day...I have loved following your journey

Esther's mom said...

Love learning all these things about Emi! Hope her birthday is wonderful!

Magi said...

Happ Birthday, Emi! These are some special days for us both. I love watching our little girls grow!

Controlling My Chaos said...

Happy Birthday Emi! I hope it's special.

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Happy happy birthday Miss Emi!!! Hope it has been wonderful!

Lythrum said...

Happy Birthday little girl!

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Happy Birthday Emi!!! Emi looks like she reallllllllllllllllllly enjoyed the day. I know you and hubby did too!

Maddys Mom said...

Happy Golden Birthday Emi!!! I loved your list of things about her too. It's so amazing to think that she has been part of your life for so many days.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Emi! We enjoyed watching you play at Wok King, hopefully we'll have a play-mate home soon.

Louanne said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful girl! You are such a delight!

Michelle Sybert said...

Happy Birthday to a sweet little girl and thanks for becoming a follower of her cup overfloweth!