Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 31st

Pictures first then my chatter. Here ya go:

Okay, I know not many but we just keep hanging with her and forgetting to grab the camera. Will try and get more today.


Happy Halloween!

Well, we made it through our second night. Meant to post last night but between still some jet lag and keeping up with a VERY active baby, we were asleep less than 10 minutes after Miss Emi.

She is a very happy baby. Wakes up with a smile, although falling asleep isn't as easy. Just too much to see and do. Will happily take that last bottle, snuggle in for a burp (nice man-sized burps too!), and then snuggle even deeper to fall asleep. Just when she starts to get close, a few tears and a cry, then snuggle and sleep ... almost, rinse and repeat a few times until poof! she's asleep. Too cute. At least, for now. :)

Yesterday was the official portion for the Chinese government. Was even less "pomp" than I was expecting. Got our official family portrait taken, both Jeff and I look startled and scared to death! (haha) We had our thumb prints taken and they took one of Emi's finger. Guess they changed from taking her foot print? We received her 'red book' with our official document and a gift from the Chongqing Adoption Affairs office. Will try to get a photo later. But, that's basically it. We hear it's even less when we get to Guangzhou and the American Embassy.

After that, it was a very bumpy bus ride back to the hotel for some much needed downtime. Our appointment was right at baby nap time, so we had many unhappy babies by the time we made it to the bus. Emi fell asleep, but then woke up when we arrived at the hotel. So yesterday she had several cat naps of about 10-15 minutes. Not great but still, a happy baby. We sure lucked out. Wonder how long that will last? :)

Needless to say, we are a bit smitten. She was ours before they placed
her in our arms, and by now … they would have to pry her away. We were
asked if we were happy with her, if we promise to care for her always.
That and then some. It’s so hard to express how happy we are. I hope
they understood.

Going to try to take more photos today. Today is a complete down day and we are very ready for that! I am attaching some, but honestly, they just do not do justice. Pictures don’t even come close to capturing just how amazingly beautiful she is (no bias here or anything). We are going to try and get some pics of her smiling (it’s not easy, she is constant motion!).

For those following our story, waiting for their referral, it is ALL worth it. While I won't forget the wait, the pain of it evaporated the moment she was placed in my arms. Hang in there, your time is coming.


Magi said...

It sounds like things are just as they should be. Our hotel was just across the side stree for the CAB. It's a nice area with marble sidewalks and lots of neon.

Louanne said...

Kiy - she is so cute! I LOVE those cheeks....I would be kissing them up!!!! She looks very happy and I am sure is enjoying all the attention.

Louanne and Nadia :)

Lythrum said...

I'm glad that things are going so well for you guys there, knock on a sylvan's head. :) Be safe and enjoy the rest of your trip!

Debbie and Sam said...

She is so cute! Enjoy every moment of your trip. It will go by so quickly!