Thursday, November 15, 2007


Finally, home. Actually, we've now been home six nights ... and long nights they have been. We are all battling jet-lag, but Emi's is far worse. Actually, if you were to ask her, she'd tell you she's just fine it's these crazy adults in her life that insist on trying to change her sleep patterns.

She is still an amazingly happy baby, babbling, singing, dancing in her seat. Her personality blossoms daily. Almost hourly. I amazed at the love I already feel for this little gal. One of us can walk into a room, her face lights up, eyes crinkling, tongue pushed between her lips ... oh gosh, this is love.

She reached for me today for the first time, almost brought me to my knees.

The weekend passed in a blur of sleep, non-sleep, cuddling the baby, and trying to get some sleep. We did hit Target on Saturday afternoon (more like early evening) just to get out of the house and to finally buy that highchair. We didn't get the one I was so in love with as it's only available on-line but we did get one that will *contain* the wiggle worm that is Emi. I am not altogether sure where Monday and Tuesday went, but by yesterday we were actually able to function. Jeff ran some errands, I did some laundry and we worked on unpacking. This house is a disaster and while I will never ever (ever ever ever) be a good housekeeper, even I am going stark raving mad in the messiness. Actually, I just don't like the cleaning part of housekeeping (dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms, etc) but I like a NEAT house. To me, if things are in their places, the house *looks* clean. Just don't try to eat off my kitchen floor. Of course, now with a baby that is about to change. I am already seeing that my cleaning habits are changing.

We did, finally, run out and pick up Max from his wonderful border's. Lou at Sunshine's Doggy Resort has been a godsend. And while I, of course, worried about Max while we were gone, I also knew he is was in great hands. Poor Max, Emi saw him and immediately squealed with joy. Poor Max. :)

Here are a couple of photos from Tuesday of Emi and Max:

Today was the first time Emi and I ventured out of the house without Jeff. I thought maybe he could just a short break, so I bundled (and bundle I did ... brrrr, it's gotten cold here!) up Emi and we went to wander around Target for an hour or so. We picked up a few things we needed, and a couple of long-sleeved shirts jumped into our basket. I was so focused on 'before' China and didn't give a whole lot of thought to 'after' China. Our big plan tomorrow is to go to the library. Yes, I know. It's a fast-pace life we lead around here.

I will leave you with pictures from earlier today of Emi playing in the little exersaucer that my mom got her. We were worried she wouldn't like it (reminiscent of the walkers at the orphanage), but she loves this thing! So anyway, Jeff was out running errands, laundry was in the washer, Emi and I were in the office and she was happily playing and 'talking' to me. All of a sudden I turn around because it was just 'too' quiet in here. The last picture tells it all.


Lythrum said...

Woot! Welcome home, glad that you all made it back safely. I hear you on the house thing, it's hard enough coming back from a trip without a new little one to take care of. I hope that you guys get settled into a routine soon. :)

Louanne said...

Kiy - that is too cute!! Quiet equals sleep or Nadia into something she shouldn't around here. HA HA! So glad that things are getting on track for you.

Louanne, Mike and Nadia

Magi said...

Welcome home! It takes a little while to get adjusted. Just relax and enjoy this time. It goes too quickly.

polli said...

hey kiy great to see you all are just as harried as the rest of us lol and look out things just jump into the carts dont know how they get there honest i dont ( em looks innocently around ) anyway just keep enjoying her!!! /hugs

Serdic said...

Welcome home. =)

Anna said...

I know I havent posted Kiy but I have been following your progress. Girl you have no idea how happy I am for you two. I have cried more than once reading the joy in your words. Emi is beautiful and is a very lucky girl to have you guys for parents. When will grandma and grandpa come to see her?
What is the main color of her room. I promised her a gift and want to get started on it.

Luv you guys bunches

RoLo said...

Looks like she loves her excer-saucer.