Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Baby

November 1st

Yesterday found a completely new Emi. Yesterday she was happy and easy going, today .... H.A.P.P.Y! Gurgling, 'chattering', charming and flirting oh my! She spent about 30 minutes playing on our bed and was smiling like mad so we got out the camera. Of course, the smiles ended. Still happy, but now was serious play time and she couldn't be bothered with the silly camera. But, just as we were giving up ... smiling Emi returned. Jeff snapped a ton while I made a complete fool of myself, keeping those smiles coming.

She is a complete joy, we can't get over how easily she adapted to us. She fusses until we figure out what she wants, then grins at us like ...'duh guys, I *told* you what I wanted'! She has also figured out that Jeff is the bottle maker. If he is even carrying a bottle, she is ready to eat. Oh, I mean EAT! This gal can pack it away. She watches very intently the whole bottle making ceremony. I am just so sure she is counting the scoops of formula and rice cereal, too cute for words.

We are heading to Fuling (Emi's orphanage) tomorrow so may not have time (or energy) for a post later.

Happy in Chongqing,

Jeff, Kiy and Miss Emi

P.S. Blogger seems to be working wonderfully in Chongqing (no need for work-arounds) but my yahoo email is wonky. I can get my email but sometimes I get one or two that were sent two or more days ago. Odd, to say the least but at least I am getting them. If you sent one, and I haven't responded it could be that I just haven't received it yet. I am trying to respond to all we receive ... when the little one is sleeping. :)


Magi said...

I am so happy for you all. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time. Just keep soaking in the memories.

RoLo said...

She looks very happy love that smile

Louanne said...

She is just SO CUTE!!!

polli said...

tooo cute!! im glad things are going well for you all, and shes getting the hang of the new family dynamics. like mom too crazy and dad wrapped around her tiny finger : ) /hugs to you all

Revka said...

Oh, I've been busy and just got caught up. I'm loving the pictures and the details of Emi and your days. Congrats! I am sooooo happy for you! :)