Saturday, November 3, 2007

4 November

Time to catch everyone up! It's been a busy couple of days, but we haven't really done all that much. I think it's more just Jeff and I getting used to a certain little bundle of E.N.E.R.G.Y. Wow, she's non-stop! She eats well, any- and everything we try her on, she will eat. Loves yogurt and bananas, sweet potatoes, tissues (yes, I realize not a major food group), rice cereal flavored with fish and veges (YUCK! but baby loves it and of course, daddy thought it sounded good). She is still going through 5-6 bottles a day but loves to have some table food too.

We did go visit Fuling SWI on the 2nd. Very long trip with a baby who was unimpressed with the whole car/bus ride thing. Harder yet as there are no car seats so we hold her the entire time. I do think she'd do better in a car seat ... if nothing else to keep her contained! Constant motion, awake and asleep! While making the trip was hard, it was so worth it. To see the nanny's faces light up to see our Emi, it made my heart feel so good. We were able to get some more photos of her nanny's with Emi ... all smiles. One of the ladies that we met, who was holding Emi at our first meeting we found out is the Orphanage doctor. Her face LIT up to see Emi, and Emi was beyond thrilled to see this lady. Considering that she was probably the chief needle bearer, to see Emi happy to see her was wonderful. We have a couple of great pictures of them loving on each other. It is a special treat for Jeff and I (and Emi, someday) to know how much her nannies loved her. We were told that she was a happy baby and that they all enjoyed her so much. (This lady is the doctor. We could just see the loving pouring out for Emi. They are happy for the children getting their forever families, but you can see it's hard to let them go too.)

Yesterday (the 3rd) we went to a local park. Eling Park, the highest point in Chongqing city. It was very beautiful, and we really enjoyed it. also, in the middle of the park there is a Tea House so we all stopped and had a wonderful tea ceremony. We learned how to correctly make and drink tea. I have to say, if I could drink tea made this way all the time I would be a huge tea drinker. But I just don't have the patience to fuss that much. It was a very good memory to bring home from Emi's province (not to mention the tea set we bought for Emi!).

Will leave you all with a picture of a smiling Emi. Such a happy girl, charming and a flirt .... can work a room like nobody. Even charmed a very grumpy man in the elevator yesterday. We got on, and he got even more grumpy. By the time we got from floor 3 to floor 12 ... he was smiling, waving and cooing at the pretty baby. But then, we are pretty smitten ourselves.

Love from Chongqing


Lythrum said...

Gah, I love me some pictures with baby feet in them! I'm glad that you got to see where she came from, and that you've taken pictures of the people that cared for her there. I'm sure that it will mean a lot to her when she gets older. Be safe and have fun guys!

Andrea Nielsen said...

Your little Fulinger is beautiful! I am so glad to see she is adjusting so well and looks so healthy and beautiful. Time flies while you are in China... we were there only 4 months ago getting my little Fulinger and it is hard to believe it has been that long. Congratulations!
andrea and lillie (Fu Bao Yun)

polli said...

glad to see things are going so well, its always nice when things go like you hope they will.... keep enjoying the new memories you are making we cant wait to hear more! /hugs

Magi said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip. Keep those photos coming! (Now I sound like you:o))

Louanne said...

Kiy - she is just so cute and I am glad that you guys are having such a good time. Nadia didn't eat quite that much in China, but we got her home and she went food crazy!!!