Saturday, July 5, 2008

Early morning routine

Emi and I have a sort of routine going for most days. She usually wakes up (way too early, which is new) ... sometime between four and six a.m. Yes, really. I do miss the days of seven or seven-thirty! Now that she is waking up that early, she is also waking me up and sometimes even Jeff. She loves to wake up to see us, you can just tell by the look on her face. She will usually crawl into bed next to me and snuggle for a few moments, quietly. Sometimes, if I am very lucky, she will drift off to sleep. Ahhh, bliss. Most of the time, however, that doesn't happen. After the quiet time she will start chattering to herself, then to me, then she will sit up and half-crawl over me to see if daddy is still in bed. Oh the joy if he is. Pretty soon she is sitting between the two of us, playing and chatting. I am sure that this special time each morning is one of the reasons I am dragging my feet in moving her to her own room and bed. But, the time has come and we are moving in that direction. (sob)

After her first diaper change, it's Cheerios and the first (of many) bottles of water. We sit in the office, checking email and such while Emi sits in the exersaucer that my mom got for her just before she came home. Remember this post? How about this one? :) After she's had her fill of Cheerios, next stop is yogurt/milk and fruit in the kitchen. With yet more water (this gal can drink *anyone* under the table ... with water).

While still in pj's, usually while Jeff is showering and getting ready for work, Emi and I have our morning read. Sometimes we read her books together, sometimes I read my book/magazine and Emi reads hers. It's very cute to see her with her books piled all around her. I am sure I've mentioned it a time or seventeen, but Jeff and I are major-league readers. We so want to share that love with Emi, and I think we have. She sees us reading, and loves to go get a few books to sit and read too. Or, she will just bring us a book to read with her. Books are a big part of our day. Every day.

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Louanne said...

Cute girl! I hope you guys feel better soon. And books are a big part of our day too, which thrills me to no end!