Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day

Emi and Daddy, day 2, Chongqing (10-2007) ~ ~ Daddy and Emi, Virginia (4-2008)

Emi and Daddy, Howard Amon Park, Father's Day (6-2008)

Might as well post my Father's Day post late, my Mother's Day post was as well. We spent a really nice, quiet day together as a family. We tend to spend a lot of our days this way, so really, it wasn't all that different than any other typical Sunday. But we did push ourselves out of our lazy and get to the park. What a nice afternoon. We live in an area that is a desert ... surrounded by three rivers. Go figure. Nice dry heat, it's *really* hot here in the summer. But at least it's dry heat and after living in DC and Japan I now get why that's a BIG thing. It's a wonderful area and it will take a heck of a job offer to get us to move from here. As hot as it gets here, down by the river it is so blessedly cool. Case-in-point, Sunday it was 91. Ick. Now, I realize that many areas of the country right now are battling serious rain/flooding or extreme heat, so really, we have nothing to complain about. Just stating, it was 91. I am not a hot-weather kind of gal. But, down by the river the breeze was gentle and the walk-way in the park that meanders next to the river is pretty much tree-lined. (That reminds me, I really should get a couple of photos of this park, it's an awesome park.)

We didn't do much at the park. Emi is too little to play on the great playgrounds (yes, plural!) they have there, she loves to wander around them but tends to get run over (or rather, almost run over which leads to Mama-stress) so we tend to not go over there on seriously packed days. Which, now that school is out, is every day, all day long. Add Father's Day *and* a Sunday on top of that, I think every child in the entire area was there. So, we took the stroller and pushed her along the walk-way, chatting idly. Another nice thing about this park is that every so often there is a bench or even better, a swing to sit and watch the water (and the folks out there playing with their various water crafts ... they take their water toys *very* seriously around here). Problem is, once you take Miss Emi out of the stroller, you can say good-bye to her ever getting back in again. So, after that, she ran/walked the entire afternoon. Mama pushed the stroller, Daddy chased the baby. It was Father's Day after all. I didn't want to hog her all to myself (snort).

The other thing we did, was that I made breakfast for Daddy. Most Sunday mornings we do some kind of 'special' breakfast, but this time daddy picked out breakfast. Ricotta pancakes (they have quickly become a family fav), sausages and berries. Specifically, blackberries and raspberries. Now, Emi is definitely a strawberry gal. If they are in her eye-sight, they had better be in her hands! But, we had not tried her on these yet. After learning with strawberries, we stripped her down to her diaper (she loves that!), tossed a bib on her and let her go. Oh the mess! But, more importantly, oh the fun! It has been commented on, a time or ten, that the fact that I let her do this kind of thing is SO out of character for me. I'm pretty much a 'keep it neat' kind of gal. So the fact that I let Emi play in the dirt or make a mess at dinner shocks many that know me. But, I figure, she washes, and how is she going to learn? Plus, she loves it so much. And I love the look of pure joy on her face. Of course, after breakfast we had to *soak* her in the tub to get (most) of the berry stains out. It was a banner day for Emi. Messy breakfast, bath, the park and daddy to play with all day long. Can life really get any better than that?

Mmmm ... berries!

Grinning up at Daddy

I knew that Jeff would be a good daddy. After all, I got to see him in action with Drew while we were dating. He actually is a really great daddy. Very patient, playing whichever little game she thinks up, reading to her (or rather, sitting with her and trying to read a word or two before she flips the pages), crawling along on the floor 'chasing' her ... which she just adores!, building blocks or animals or .... just about anything. She squeals with delight when he comes home from work, something that makes me so happy.
I love to watch/hear them playing, love to hear her laugh and 'chatter' to Jeff. She enjoys him so much, and that is so very special. We really are so very lucky. Emi has bonded to both of us. Not only did she bond and bond quickly and strongly, but to both of us. Very lucky, indeed.

Finally, a family complete. A happy one.

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Happy Father's Day! Very cute!