Thursday, June 19, 2008

Before & After

I wandered over to BooMama's yesterday and read this post. I thought 'great idea, I really should do it, but who knows if I would have time to get every-blasted-little thing done that I want done around here accomplished in a month?!' I decided, nope, not this time and went on with my day. Except, darnit BooMama, I can't get it out of my head. So, I am going to accept the challenge and select a couple of things that MUST get done.

Oh, for those that didn't follow the link (but gosh, you should as BooMama is totally a blast and makes my day every time I read her), here's the scoop:


We are supposed to make a list of our goal(s), ideally take photos of the before and after and then actually accomplish the goal(s). I have many (many many many) that I want to do, but I am going to select the most pressing and then if time (and Emi) allow, I can always do more .

My Goals:

1. Finally finish Emi's room. I know she's not even sleeping in there yet but there will (there WILL) come a day when she does. We do spend a lot of time in there and she is already noticing some of the changes. I think she likes them, and if she doesn't I am sure she will share that with me as soon as she has more than two words.

2. Get the last of the boxes and miscellaneous stuff out of the library (what most folks would call their living room). I really need to have ALL the boxes from our move out of the house. There might still be a (sorta) small pile of them in the garage but *get them out of the house*! Of course, I can't just move them (that would be much too easy). I really want to open them, paw through them, take out any treasures that I forgot I was missing and then move them into the garage. But for now, the goal is to just get them out of the library.

3. Hang some of the artwork/stitching. I have wanted to do that for the longest time, but I always think that's the 'dessert' to a room, basically, I do that last. Forget it ... I'm hanging as much of it as I can NOW! Two reasons, (1) I want to and (2) Miss Emi is wandering around the house more (although not unsupervised, shudder). She loves to touch everything, including going through the stacks (yes, plural) of artwork that mama has leaning against the wall waiting to be hung.

That's is. Yep, it's only three goals but they are fairly decent in time investment. So that's the plan. I am pretty excited about this. Who knows what this will lead to!

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