Friday, March 6, 2009

Morning Routine

So, finally a moment not spent chasing the Emlet or horizontal. And this week, that's what it's been! Emi seems to be changing right before our eyes into a little girl. I want to hold tight and say "No, wait, I didn't have enough baby time!" (Although, really, is there ever enough?) But Emi is just not listening and keeps on going.

So, Monday morning. Jeff leaves for work despite someone hanging onto his pant leg desperately pleading for him to stay. (And it wasn't Emi.)

Our mornings are pretty routine. Emi wakes daddy about 5-530 for a diaper change (haha-notice the 'daddy' in that sentence). He brings her in for our morning snuggle while he then gets up and starts his day. Usually if the sleep gods are smiling down, she falls back to sleep for another hour or so. Then she and I get up and start our day. Hello to daddy in the (home) office on the way to the kitchen for the first sip cup of the day and a small bowl of Cheerios. We take those into the office so Emi can harass/chat with daddy while mama tries to quickly scan email. If we are lucky, she is in a coloring mood and will sip her milk, nosh on Cheerios and color at her desk.

After all this it's real breakfast in the kitchen, then teeth, hair and dressed for the day. We are finally ready to head on down to the family room which is actually Emi's domain. All her toys (except the kitchen that is in her bedroom) are down there. A mini ToysRUs, if you will. And that's with sitting on the grandparents, aunts and uncles, and ourselves to keep the toy buying to a low roar. She and I usually spend the first 30-40 minutes reading. It can vary, depending on a toddler whim. Sometimes we read together, other times she likes to sit surrounded by her books and read herself. So very cute.

Then it's play time. At some point the tv will come on. Emi likes her shows but can have a day of just wanting one show running (ie: Little Bear, who seems to be the bear of choice these days). The shows can run all day long, with the sound extremely low. Typically she will watch while playing, sometimes ignore it all together, sometimes watch an entire show. I do think a lot of the time it's just on for background for her. I had hoped to set up a cd player in there, but she isn't trustworthy yet (we have learned to not leave a dvd in the player, she knows how to take it out!). But we do feel she has learned a lot from her shows, and we are quite selective. They are either dvds or stuff I have dvr'd off live tv.

Once Emi is engrossed, I can usually run and brush my teeth and maybe pull on something besides a nightgown. Monday morning seemed safe enough. I was gone 30-45 seconds when I remembered that I had forgotten my (lukewarm) coffee cup down in the family room. Needless to say, Emi is NOT trustworthy so I went back to get it. Too late.

Oh my.

She had climbed up on the sofa and had already dunked the: dvr remote, the house phone and my (cry, Razor) cell phone into the cup. Also had managed to splash the coffee all over the end table, arm of the sofa and much of the cushion. And herself.

I never really got a chance to be mad, and really, my own fault. I was just "oh, Emi!". And started mopping up the mess. I kept coming across things that were coffee-logged (found my cell phone first). Fortunately with time the dvr remote came back to life. Sadly, the house phone is dead and the cell phone is beyond dead. Needless to say it was an expensive morning. I emailed Jeff to tell him about HIS daughter so he wouldn't be worried if he tried to call home and didn't get an answer. He decided to come home, pick us up and we all went to the cell phone place to buy me a new phone. (After our experience with needing to call 911 last December, we are pretty neurotic about phones and having both of us in contact with each other all the time.) Ouch. But, I do like my new phone! There is no camera in it (yeah!) and it's not a flip phone! Yeah, I'm the odd one out - I like regular no-bells phones. Although, my Razor was pretty spiffy.

So yes, it was a pretty interesting day. But when it comes down to it, it was my fault for leaving her with liquid and things she could plunk into it. She's just investigating, learning and growing, and that's a good thing. Just, Sweet Emi, next time ... not Mama's cell phone. Please? :)

Seriously, how could anyone be mad at this sweet face for long?


Barbara said...

What a little rascal she is! :) Sounds like she's keeping you on your toes!

Lythrum said...

I have the same feelings, can't be mad at QB since I'm the one forgetting and leaving things out for her to find. I'm glad that you had a little chance to breathe this morning :) Her defense? She's figured out how to give kisses and it melts my heart. <3

Sue said...

Your poor phone, I know just how you feel. My phone has been replaced a couple times due to my kids! She's so darn adorable I dont blame you for not being upset!
We still smile talking about her sweet giggles at the Wok King.

amy said...

I love your stories of mommyhood!! She is precious

Magi said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly destruction can occur? Your Emi stories tell how fun she is, even when she's being rascally.

Controlling My Chaos said...

I wouldn't have been mad either. You really KNEW it was going to be bad when you remembered you left your coffee cup down there. I'm the same way.

~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Oh Kiy, I'm so sorry it was an expensive morning. I hope you don't mind too much that I'm LMAO, but with you and only because I've been there, done that! Eric was the same type of exploratory toddler!

Jeff and Amy said...

Emi is just adorable and sounds like she is doing amazing. I always Love when Lily yells "daddy" early in the morning means mommy get's to lay a little more. LOL

Gina (Caleeo) said...

So when I am ready for a new phone, I need to.... Thanks for the idea Emi, you rock!

And, sorry to Emi's mommy that you had such a disaster, but as you said, how could you be mad with those eyes looking back at you!?!?