Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Menu Plan ...

... is missing this week, I am well aware of it. However, I somehow lost Saturday this past weekend. I thought on Sunday afternoon (my typical MP time) that it was Saturday. In fact, I thought that until Jeff started getting ready for work Monday morning.

"What are you doing dear? Getting ready for work. It's Sunday, come back to bed while she is still sleeping. Honey, it's Monday. NO NO NO, don't leave me alone with her!"

Okay, that last part might have been in my head. Unknowingly, I should have said it out loud, and made him stay home. There's more to this story, coming soon.

But, the long and short of this is is yes, the MP is missing. Yes, I need to pull something together. No, it hasn't happened yet. But, never fear dear reader my family will eat this week. It may be eggs and grits, omelets, and burgers from the freezer, but that's what pantry's and freezers are for. For weeks when Mama is just not as on the ball as she should be.

Like most of the time!

P.S. Magi posted a recipe this week that looks SO good. I may have to break down and try that this week. Depends on if I am brave enough to tackle the grocery store with Emi. Yikes.


Gina (Caleeo) said...

You could always boil up some cabbage! I have a menu plan for the week, but have not put it up yet, nor have I followed it thus far. Guess it is that time of the year.

Do tell what is up with your dear, adorable, sweet daughter!

~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

I always seem to be a day off lately and a dollar short (LOL) to finish the statement so you are not alone. Breakfast for dinner always works! I hope your week goes well.

Lythrum said...

I agree with you, the pantry and freezer are your friends. :) And Maw seems to have had one of those times with our little Quickbeam yesterday, he wasn't feeling well and she was full of energy. Hope you make it back on the meal planning wagon again soon. :)