Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grace Notes - March

Small Graces: March

Grace Notes is again having one of her auctions (begins March 9th) for the above. After last month's auction I realized there is no possible way we can afford these right now (cry!) but I love them so. My way of seeing them is to post about them here! Also, for those that want to bid here's your reminder!

BTW, I forgot to post February's Small Graces. Opps, but this link will take you to the site talking about her auctions. What an awesome thing she's doing. And one of my fav new authors!

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Maddys Mom said...

I loved reading your morning routine, sounds like Ms Emi was quite the busy girl finding things to dunk in your coffee. Well, at least you got a new phone out of the deal.

I read thru your December post about Emi's febrile seizure. We had the exact same thing happen with Maddy in August. Boy was that scary!!!

Have a good week & I hope you get a chance to post your menu, I love reading & getting ideas.