Friday, December 19, 2008

Front Door Decor: Christmas

Babara at Candy Hearts and Paper Flowers is hosting Front Door Decor: Christmas. If you'd like to share your front door - head on over and sign up! I have been looking forward to seeing what all everyone does with their door area. I need inspiration for next year.

(Update - looks like the sign-up isn't in place yet, keep checking I am sure once Barbara resurfaces from work she will get the post up. Work has been heating up lately, this is her massively busy time.)

Well, I had such big plans. But most of them all fell through. The last few weekends have just flown by, with many projects getting accomplished, but no lights on the house. I still have hopes but really, Christmas is Thursday. By Saturday I will want them down. Seems silly to ask Jeff to climb ladders (in the snow drifts) for a week of lights. Next year, Thanksgiving weekend those light are going UP. Or else. :) Not only did the lights not get up, the shopping didn't happen either. Blame it on the snow, or the cold, or the fact that I am too much of a wimp to go out in this. I know, it's so cold I don't want to take Emi out in it! Yeah, that's it. I was being a good mom. (No eye-rolling, that was a great excuse!)

I did find a wreath I liked (the one time I left the house), much better than my autumn one. It's pretty and with all the snow that arrived (have I whined enough about the snow that we aren't supposed to have?) and blew all over, it looks right pretty. For, um, snow. If you are into that kind of thing.

Front door, yep that's it. A wreath. But hey, a close-up! I really really love my wreath.
Now I need goodies to go with it.

I was going to try and put up something near the front door (just inside the front door that is) but really, I've been busy moving all of the stuff from the living room so that we can make room for THIS! I simply cannot wait until Christmas morning. I feel like I have waited for this moment since January 2004, when we started down the road to what became the most perfect little girl in the world for us. Oh sure, she pushes my buttons (much to my mom's glee - who thinks I deserve this, not sure why!), but oh I love and adore her (um, I meant Emi but I am pretty darned fond of my mom too). Just not so much about 1am-445am Friday morning. While we were both very awake. One of us really wanted to be asleep though.


Gina (Caleeo) said...

I am no help - my door is just a wreath that my mom and I made several years ago. I used to wrap it in wrapping paper and do a big bow, I always like that but got out of the habit.

Sorry you had a rough night. Hope you both get a good nap today.

Barbara said...

Sorry I'll be a day late, poor hubby knocked my laptop off the table earlier this week and all the pics are on it. We thought it was just the power supply cord, but it turns out it was a pin in the computer. Hubby is fixing it today, I'll get pics posts tonight or tomorrow.

Jill Scott said...

Your wreath looks nice. Why not just string some lights up inside where you can enjoy them?

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Simple works! I think Emi will be so pleasantly enthralled with what fills your living room that the decorations will just not matter any longer.

Lythrum said...

I meant to have a wreath or something on the door, but it just hasn't happened this year. I'm not that worried right now because my girl is only a year old and wouldn't notice anything anyway. Next year is when I am really going to try to get going on them. I'm sure that Emi is going to love her new kitchen too. :)

The Singer said...

You call that snow drifts ... we call it a "light dusting." ;-) The wreath is lovely, and I'm sure Emi is going to have the best Christmas ever!

Kiy said...

Jill - great idea except in a fit of 'tidying' everything went out to the garage. I don't dare tell Jeff I need the box with the lights. Wherever it is. :)

Barbara - ouch! I hope he can fix it. Keeping my fingers crossed.

The Singer - I seriously laughed at that, my mom says the same thing.

Cheers all, Kiy