Sunday, December 21, 2008

Misc tidbits




Today is the shortest day of the year. I am SO excited. No really, I honestly am. 'Cause you know what tomorrow brings? A few more moments of daylight. And then, on Tuesday? More moments of sunlight. Oh glorious sunlight. I live for this day as soon as standard time hits. I forgot about the whole 'dark at 4pm thing' when I said sure, Washington sounds great. But I think I would have agreed to the North Pole to get out of Albuquerque (no offense to anyone living there, it just wasn't a good fit for us). Since 1988 I have not lived in the northern climes, so forgot about the whole early nightfall thing. YUCK! Now, I remember. By about 4-430pm it is pitch black here. By then I am thinking it must be close to bedtime, not I should be starting dinner. I have a hard time and am grumpy and irritable and ... what's another word for grumpy? Don't ask Jeff his answer would be: Kiy. (Can you tell how much he loves me?!)

So, I am a happy camper. Odd, the little things that make me happy. Sunlight and no snow. It's not like I ask for much. (heh)

Speaking of the cold frozen darkness, one morning last week we woke up to C.O.L.D. Seriously cold. Well, I thought so at least. Jeff admitted to it being a bit more chilly than usual. Emi woke up and her little cheeks were cold (nothing else, however). But, the mama in me kicked in. Here is Emi, eating her Cheerios and instead of her usual milk, first-time-ever hot (warmish) cocoa (which, btw, was a huge hit). Oh and notice the 'necklace'? Daddy has a badge that he wears to work and Emi loves that thing. She has a sensor that must go off the moment he puts it on as she will go searching for him. Lift her arms to be picked up (sucka, he falls for it everytime!). Then, she proceeds to attempt to get the badge off of him. So finally, we got her one of her own. She's a happy girl.

BTW, yes, she's
in front of the tv ... that also rarely happens. It was a treat, please don't call social services on me. Then I'd have to dust.

Pouring Cheerios ~ Spilled Cheerios
(And yes, that is a down blanket she's sitting on.)

Watching TV ~ Mama, get OUT of the way I am watching my show!

The photo I was trying to get. Sweet, sweet girl. A bit over-dressed.
Maybe I should send this photo to the nannies
at the orphanage.
They'd LOVE it. :)

On another Emi-cuteness note, you know the books of stamps? The ones where you can tri-fold them and stick them in your wallet? They have a picture of the stamp on the front and yes, it's sticky. Emi loves and adores stickers, so while I was working on Christmas cards I took them off and stuck them on Emi.

Jeff's comment: Think that's enough postage to get to Grandma's?

That might have been shortly after the chasing Max comment.

Oh, and I need to vacuum. Please ignore that. Thank you.


Lythrum said...

It's funny, my girl LOVES my badge too. I have it on a lanyard and a reel, so when I want to keep her quiet on the ride home from work I give it to her and she spends the whole ride pulling out and watching it go back in. I also guiltily have to admit that sometimes she flosses her teeth with it. I figure that it's a good sacrifice in the name of teaching her dental hygiene. ;) And I do agree with you about the daylight thing, although it isn't black here until 5 PM. I want those summer days of daylight until 9 PM :)

ahorne said...

Adorable. Thanks for allowing us to revel in the cuteness with you. ;)

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

How cute - I love the ready for the cold pictures - too cute!

Jill Scott said...

Emi is so dang cute. You have her so bundled up for inside the house, that I thought she was an eskimo for a minute.