Monday, December 15, 2008

BooMama Christmas Tour of Homes '08 - Our Home

Little Bit is happily watching Noggin so I have 15 seconds of uninterrupted time to try and finish this post. We shall see.

We didn't go crazy this year, but still wanted it special for Miss Emi. We did put up our tree, no real trees for this gal, we live in a desert and can you even begin to imagine how many times I'd have to water a tree in any given day?? I'd need one of these. Which, come to think of it, why hasn't something like that been invented for trees by now? All you inventor types, I gave you the idea, I expect my royalties check! Oh, and the vacuuming of the needles. Yeah, that's going to happen. NOT. So, fake trees are what happens in this house. And I'm okay with that. It will be noticed (sorta hard to miss) that the angel is a bit, well, tilted. No, she hasn't been drinking (although it might come to that, the poor gal). It seems Miss Emi cannot not touch the tree (the one finger thing? only when mama is watching it seems). Also, for some reason I have yet to figure out, the tree spins around in it's holder. Something that took Miss Emi 13 seconds to figure out. Of course, the cord tends to hamper things, but she's up to the challenge. The question is, are Jeff and I? But she is seriously enjoying the tree, which is the reason it's up. (Oh, and see the presents under the tree? No? That's because Miss Emi has figured them out, at 22 months. We don't think she realizes that there are goodies inside, she just wants the paper off. So, now they are up on the bar to the left of the tree. Safe, for now.)

We did make the decision to not put any breakables on the tree this year. There are wooden, felt/cloth and tin decorations. It's pretty in a not-over-the-top decorated way which tends to happen as I love buying Christmas ornaments. Every year I have to decide what to not put up. Actually, in years past I have had as many as four trees up scattered throughout the house. This year, just the two. The family tree and Miss Emi's in her room. She loves it and wants it plugged in every morning. Very sweet.

The tree skirt on the family tree is one my mom cross-stitched for us a few years ago. It's one of my most favorite Christmas decorations and prized possessions. Also every year since the first year Jeff and I were married (1993, wow, a looooong time!) she has given us (and Drew when he was little) a special ornament. Usually she would find them in little shops or at an arts and crafts fair, usually handmade and always with our names and the year. I love decorating our tree each year as unwrapping each year's ornament and hanging it on the tree brings back memories. It's a wonderful tradition that I hope she never ends. This year, my mom out did herself (not something that's easy to do!). See those little stockings pictured below on the right? She stitched those! Complete with gold thread, something that I flat out refuse to use as it's such a bear to work with. And she did it THREE times. She even made them into stockings. I so love them and had to call her the moment I opened the box to thank her.

(Hmmm, maybe I should have broke out the iron for that skirt. Ah well, next year.)

We have started that with Emi, so she gets two new ones each year, one from us and
one from Grandma. By the time she is ready to move out (when she's 35!), she will have many ornaments for her own tree. This year has been the year of the penguin for Miss Emi, so I have been searching and searching for just the right one. Finally, I found one but because it's so glossy/shiny I just could not get a good picture so, use your imagination!

My love of all things autumn has been well documented but I also love and adore Christmas decorations too. I didn't put up a quarter of what I have, but mainly as I didn't want the stress of trying to keep things in one piece as Curious Girl (Danger Girl's alter-ego) loves to touch and hold, and ultimately drop. But I love the pieces I put up. I am not done with the mantle. I decided I need some red and gold balls to nestle into the greenery, but for now it works. The stockings I made one year when Drew was small (yes, Emi is getting Drew's hand-me-down stocking, that and a stuffed animal he selected to pass down are her only hand-me-downs, poor kid!). They are HUGE and no, we don't fill them. :)

Mom also stitched more ornaments for the little wooden tree (remember the birthday post?). They turned out so pretty and cute, and Emi was so excited to see them. She really gets a kick out of this little tree. I wonder what mom has planned for January, February and March (no pressure Mom!). Also here is the window over the kitchen sink. I used to collect angels and Santa's (some of them are pictured above on the mantle). I also used to collect snowmen (some are on the kitchen windowsill, pictured below). Now, I don't collect anything, unless it seriously catches my eye. I have six boxes of decorations, a bit over the top? Jeff seems to think so. :)

And, that's all the decorating we did this year. We did do a bit on the front door, but that is waiting for Barbara's Front Door Decor - Christmas Edition carnival. Which, a little bird told me, is happening next week. Make sure you come back for a visit!

Last, but certainly not least, someone must have told Mother Nature that BooMama's fun and games were happening this week. She arrived sometime in the wee hours of Sunday morning. So much for living in a desert. We had snow last year too. I think we were lead down the path in regards to "it rarely snows here" and last year's "this is a fluke, it so rarely ever snows here". Yeah, sure.

The sandbox, the (covered) back patio.

The evergreen pretty with snow.

Make sure you check out all the other spectacular displays, starting with BooMama herself. So far, there are already 445! Wow.

P.S. In all the decorating and snow shoveling (okay, I didn't but I was out there in spirit with Jeff!), I neglected to make any goodies to share while you all are here visiting. Darn. I would have made some yummy Christmas cookies like we made for the firemen, had I remembered. But I am sure, like Santa, by now you are all so full of yummy goodness that you are wishing you had reindeer to share the treats with.


Barbara said...

It all looks lovely! I can just picture Miss Emi reaching for the ornaments... My mom taught me ornaments were pretties, so instead of reaching for them... I'd stand with my hands behind my back and kiss them.

Jill Scott said...

Wow, Kiy, that's a lot of decorations. You must have a lot of storage.

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Great Decorations! I love the ornament tradition you have started with Emi. She will grow to really cherish them.

I'm waiting for Barbara's Front door decor next week too, but am hoping it warms enough for me to get pictures. The single digit temps are killing me here.

Greta said...

Cute decor! The snowman is adorable. And I'm only a teensy-bit jealous of the snow :).

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Very beautiful - and I love all the snow. The penguin ornament is very pretty.

Jessica said...

Thanks for stopping by! I can't believe all that snow! Our schools are out today b/c of a "chance" of snow last night. This am.. nothing.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Rose said...

Such pretty decorations! We have the same snow, it came on Sunday here too! :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Debbie and Sam said...

What pretty decorations. I love the mantle and the tree skirt. Cross stitching is such an art.

"J" said...

Great pictures!!!! =)

Did you see my post from a week or so back?!?!? We got snow in Houston Texas!!! It was CRAZY!!!! It took us 2 1/2 hours to get to work...when it's a 1 hour drive!!!

I've missed you! I've just been busy with work, shopping, Christmas stuff, etc.....

I'm starting to HATE not having internet at home! I think we are going to get a wireless card after the first of the year!!!

I hope all is well with yall!!! I love your snow pics, I love your tree and I love the snowman stackable thing-e!!!! =)