Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cookie Recipe

I promised that if the cookie recipe for the firemen turned out, I'd post it. Well, I completely forgot pictures but here goes.

Go to your favorite bakery, grocery store, whatever. Buy a couple boxes of sugar cookies. The good kind, not Keebler! Not that the elves don't have their rightful place on the food pyramid, but not in this case. Buy a tub or two of white frosting, some sprinkles, a pretty disposable baking pan. Take home, frost cookies, let 22 month old dump one full container of sprinkles onto one cookie. Dump off the excess. While said 22 month old is eating that cookie, quietly put the rest away (we need to save some for daddy!). Then, while 22 month old is racing around the house in a sugar-rush, frost the rest of the cookies, gently dust with remaining sprinkles. Let them sit out a few hours, this will make stacking them in the baking pan easier as the frosting will set (harden slightly) and they won't all stick together. Deliver cookies with child to the fire department. Leave cookies at fire department. Bring child home. :)

Okay, so I totally copped out on this one. I had all the supplies, but the time was just flying past and I had to cry uncle on something. The guys at the fire department probably devoured them so fast they didn't realize (or care) that they weren't homemade. And, after the sprinkle fun (above, while humorous, is what really happened), I think for this year it was a good compromise. I am betting by next year things will go differently. Em loves to bake (just mention muffins and she's running to the kitchen!), so I do still intend to bake Christmas cookies with her. Just maybe not decorate them!

I do have some pictures to share, that I've been meaning to. Little Bit is sleeping, so I actually have a bit of time. I mentioned Emi's bedroom tree in an earlier post. We are working hard on 'one finger'. I read this last year on another blog, that the child can touch anything on the tree, using one finger. We've been working on that all year in fact, gearing up for the tree. It works, most of the time. She is still fascinated with her tree, and her little face lights up when we plug it in. I wonder if that tree will become a permanent fixture in her room?

I finally got brave enough to hand Emi an open cup of milk. I do worry that I am holding her back, not knowing when to offer her things like this. I need to find a book or something that tells me general guidelines for this kind of thing. Any suggestions out there? She had such fun with her little holiday cup. She loved the trees, the dogs, the cup! She had a great bit of success from the get-go with her cup. Only problem is, now she always wants to drink out of a cup. By herself, thankyouverymuch. Even at restaurants, in dressy clothes. Time to go back to bringing spare clothes along in the diaper bag. I also need to invest in full-body bibs!

Last, but not least ... In the if you can't embarrass your kids on your blog, why have one, category. (Blogs. Kids too for that matter!)

This is how she wakes up most mornings. I changed her pillow case over to a flannel (back to, if mama is cold ...). I don't think she cares one way or another, but it makes me feel good. But it wreaks havoc on her hair!

Someday, when she's a teenager and reads this blog, I am going to be sorry. Sorta. :)

BTW, this is Emi's spot. As soon as she was mobile she claimed the hearth. At first it was just a play table. But then, oh but then! She found climbing. Notice the classy bubble wrap on the front of the fireplace. Once Emi figured out how to get up there on her own, the beautiful glass doors came off, the bubble wrap when up and the doors were secured shut. Someday those doors will go back on, but for now, this is Miss Emi's area.

And, that's our week so far. We did go to Jeff's holiday party and I have photos but they are still on the camera. She had a great time, but then they all dote on her, so what's not to love? I have to think she's still a bit under the weather though. While she played with her toys the rest of the afternoon, she crashed right at eight. I am sure she used up all her energy on running around, and ramping up the cute!


Barbara said...

You have to let her assert her independence, bring a change of clothes and remember clothes wash out easily enough :)

You could try getting her a special cup with a cover and straw for restaurants only? So it's a treat and you can still have a lid without it being a sippy cup

Jill Scott said...

I feel your pain with the bed head. :)

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Okay - first - the cookies were a total cop out! I am so disappointed! :) Even still, sounded tasty and the description of your helper was priceless.

I am pretty much learning as I go with the independence thing and have the same wonders as you. I have the "What to Expect" toddler book and it has some good info on that kind of stuff. There are some things that it says she should be/could be doing that I have not really focused on at all though. Putting on an article of clothing come to mind as something I have not really tried to get her to do yet.

The bed head pictures are great!

Lythrum said...

I love the bed-head, looks like me in the morning. I also have problems figuring out what she can do when and am afraid that I hold her back too much. Maw is the opposite and gives her things I wouldn't dare to but she does fine with them. I am trying very hard not to hover but it's my nature. ;) Oh BTW, mine is one year old today, talk about time flying. :)

Kiy said...

Oh my gosh, Quickbeam cannot be one already! Wow, seriously. Wow. That really was a fast year!

Thanks all, for the tips and comments. We do have a special "going out only" sippy which usually works. However, since that first day with the open cup she hasn't been interested. Ah well. :)