Friday, November 14, 2008

Birthday Gifts

While Emi and I were in Michigan visiting my folks (before/after the Shop Hop) my mom gave me my birthday gifts. Whoa, did I rake it in this year!

Last year we both fell in love with a particular chart. Not only did mom stitch it this past year, she stitched it for ME! I loved the chart, but the finished product is even more special as Mom stitched it. It turned out perfectly, the photos does not do it justice at all. Computer Wizard just cracked us both up. NOT that either of us have any delusions that we are, in fact, computer wizards. But if we were, we'd look just like this gal! Too cute and too sweet. I am looking for just the right place to hang her in my little office area.

Besides counted-cross stitch, my mom and I both share a love of all things autumn. We love love love the colors most especially. Years and years ago I stitched a project for her for her birthday. It was a simple little thing, a witch's hat that said 'if the broom fits, fly it'. Jeff couldn't believe I'd send it to my mom, but I did and she had the exact reaction I was expecting. She loved it. That simple, goofy little thing started her love of all things witches (she now has a witch wall in her office, it totally rocks - I need her to take a picture of it so I can post it here, it's awesome!). While she is far more into witches than I am, I still love all things autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving. So with that in mind, she stitched this and gave it to me. We both love banners, as we always seem to have houses that need more vertical things than horizontal. I love this!

Last, but certainly not least, the tree. We both have been looking for a tree so that we can stitch seasonal cuteness and hang them on the tree. It needed to be a tree that could be used year 'round, so not an evergreen. She found one, and it rocks! I have been drooling over it for sometime but it seemed silly to get one for myself (seeing as my stitching time has taken a backseat to a certain sweet little gal). Well, unbeknownst to me, she got two and proceeded to stitch both Halloween and Thanksgiving ornaments. Her plan is to continue to stitch seasonal goodies and send them to me. Oh my!

Now, what makes all of these even more incredible (if that is even possible) is that while she was stitching each of these things for me, she was also stitching them for herself too. Not an easy thing to do, it ends up being quite boring to do that. But she did, several times without losing her mind. THAT is amazing to me. I don't know if I could do that. But I love knowing when I look at these things that she also has them and is looking at them. Extra special.

Since the trip and getting all these goodies from my mom, the stitching bug has seriously bitten me. Oh, it had been gnawing away at me but I kept swatting it away. I was too busy, too tired, too ... you name it. Added to the fact that with my hearing problem (something I don't talk a lot about) I can't hear the TV unless it's L.O.U.D. If Emi is sleeping (the only time I can reasonably stitch) the TV would have to be so loud that it could potentially wake her. Not good.

I tend to watch/listen to the TV while I stitch, something I learned from my mom. I can't just seem to stitch without something else going on (my mom, I think, was the founding member of Multi-Tasking, Inc.). So, Jeff figured out a solution, and it's so SO wonderful. I can stitch and watch TV, and actually HEAR what's going on. I didn't realize until the first time I used these that I hadn't heard every single word in a program for years. Probably ten, without exaggeration. Wow, it was so incredibly amazing. Not even with my hearing aids can I hear like this. Jeff is a very popular husband right now. He has brownie points, oh boy does he!

So now, as many nap times as I can, I stitch. Two nights a week Jeff puts Emi down and does all things Emi that night (and two other nights I do the same so he can work on his projects). And I am stitching, again. I knew I missed it, but I really didn't realize how much. I am a very happy camper stitcher. :)


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Hi Kiy!

I've been trying to reach you through e-mail but haven't gotten a response, so thought I'd try leaving a comment here. You had won my Bloggy Giveaway for a $15 Starbucks gift card a little while back - please contact me at deb(at)momstakeonthings(dot)com if you are interested in claiming your prize!

I will re-draw for another winner if I don't hear back by Monday (the 17th).

Thanks! :)

Kiy said...

Ouch, you are the second person to tell me something like this! I wonder if blogger and yahoo are not getting along. Drat, will email you asap! Thanks, Kiy

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

WOW you did make out, so nice of your mom and hubby!!

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Kiy - the headphones look awesome!! I have been considering something like this for DH because the tv is always up louder than I would like once Olivia has gone to bed. Can you wear them and your husband can still hear the tv?

Happy stitching!

Kiy said...

Gina, you can actually do both! If you mute the tv, only the person using the headphones can hear. If you don't, everyone can hear it's just that the headphone user can hear at normal settings for everyone. It really does rock (even if I look sorta strange!).

Cheers, Kiy

Jill Scott said...

How cool. I like to cross stitch myself, but I haven't done much of it since my girls were born. In fact, I started a stocking for my youngest when I was pregnant with her, but I have yet to finish it. I really want to. I'm like you, I need the t.v. on when I'm stitching.