Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yet another adventure

My first and last post on the election: We have a new president. I felt more strongly this time around than in years past. I have to wonder, is it because of Emi? Usually I pay enough attention to know who I am voting for and why, and even a bit about the other person(s) running to know why I am not voting for them. But this time, I took a more informed path than before. I truly feel, without a doubt, I voted for the right person. It was an interesting night, one I would have enjoyed watching more of as it unfolded but with Danger Girl running all over the house, Jeff packing and me trying to ... something had to give. TV was it. Thank goodness for the Internet.

On to other topics! (I have SO had enough politics for quite awhile.)

By the time most folks read this, we'll be on the road (I hope!).

Jeff is heading to Tampa for work, so Emi and I are going to drop Max off at his wonderful boarding place, and then she and I are driving to Seattle. We've lived here for 18 months and have yet to make it to Seattle. Oh, there have been trips planned, several in fact. The first one we foolishly planned for the week after our return home from China. Jet-lag and all. HA! We bailed on that one. Then there was the one for Chinese New Year. Snow. In fact, so much snow that in the mountains that there were reports of folks getting stranded. Yikes. Okay, home we stayed. Then there was the time that I was going to meet up with a friend but she ended up having a crazy schedule that wouldn't mesh - which in turn ended up being a good thing as I ended up ill, so ill I wound up in the hospital. That would have been fun trip. Not.

So, Seattle has always been a 'we want to go' but something always kept us from going. This time, however, we are going. Sans Jeff, but still. Plus, if Emi and I enjoy ourselves we can take him next time.

I kept being told by locals that from where we live to Seattle is 5+ hours. Except that, when I checked both and mapquest they both gave times of 3.5 hours. 3.5 hours?! Heck, I can do that in my sleep ... but I won't, I promise, I will stay awake. :)

We are only going for a few days, I did learn from our Portland trip. I have two outings planned, very Emi outings. We are driving in today, and after stopping by the hotel to (hopefully) check in, we are going to the Seattle Aquarium. I have heard varying views on this (yes, it's pricy) but Emi is just entranced right now with fish. Any fish, even the fish tanks at Petco, etc. So, when I saw this, I knew we had to go. If we never leave this room, it will be worth the ticket price. I can only imagine Emi's face when she sees this (and yes, I am remembering to use the camera this time!).

On Thursday, we are heading to the Woodland Park Zoo. This is another that has had different views posted (btw, TripAdvisor is a great resource!). It seems like a good fit for us, and with the map that I printed ahead of time I can pick and choose areas that I think Emi will be interested in (she is also seriously into animals since our train trip).

That's it. Two outings. We are going to drive home on Friday morning with a quick swing into a cross-stitch shop (one would think I was shopped out by now!). I need to get some fabric for some of the projects I got while we were in Ohio. I am going to play this last stop by ear, if it doesn't seem like a good idea I am going to blow it off.

I am pretty excited about this trip. This is probably our last adventure of the year, and most likely it until after the snow is over (we live on the other side of the mountains from all the fun stuff!). No laptop on this trip (Jeff has it), so signing off for now.



"J" said...

I will miss you! Have a fun trip!!! Sounds like you have it allllllllllllllllllllllllll worked out!!!!! =) Both places sound GREAT!!!!!! Yes, please take pics!!!!

Later Gator!

Barbara said...

I hope you have a WONDERFUL trip! Hope to see lots of Miss Emi pics when you get back :)

Gina (Caleeo) said...

I hope you have a really wonderful trip. I love Seattle - maybe I need to meet you there some time!

Lythrum said...

Hope that you guys have a wonderful trip to Seattle. Visit some coffee shops for me, and maybe you can get some coffee with mershmellows. :)

Barbara said...

Ok, you're home now... don't you know we are all anxiously awaiting your trip details. Post already, will ya? ;)

Of course you know I'm just teasing, but I do hope you made it home ok and that you had a BLAST with Miss Emi at the Aquarium and the Zoo! Did you get to fit in a quick jaunt to the crossstitch store for you? Maybe I should have e-mailed this instead of commenting... oh well :)