Saturday, November 8, 2008

Home, Thank Goodness!

Hahaha Barbara. No pictures yet, they are in the packed bags. Still in the car. Yep, the car isn't unpacked yet. That's actually next on my list. Traveling with a toddler sure makes priorities different than the old days!

We are home, and safe. For those folks who happened to be watching the weather on a national scale (I mean, now that the elections are over what else is there to do?), Seattle got hit with rain. Yeah, I know, it *always* rains in Seattle, but I guess not like this. Flooding and closed highways and WATER, oh my. Emi woke yesterday about 6:08am (yeah, that about wasn't really needed, was it?). So, since Emi was up, so was mama. I decided, what the heck, might as well get the show on the road. We tossed some clothes on and went downstairs to breakfast. The tv was on a local news show and was all about the rain, the rain that was and the rain that was coming. The area highways were a mess and I was worrying about having to get over the mountains that are directly between where I was and where I wanted to be. It looked bad out there, but the news casters were all saying that it should be better once rush hour was over. So with that information I decided to wait to get on the road until nine.

After a shower (for me) and a swim in the tub for the Emlet, I started packing our stuff. It actually didn't take that long, so we were done and loading the the car about 0830. I stayed in the slow lane and let all the crazies zoom past me. Funny enough, I wasn't the only smart one in that lane taking it easy. Once I finally got out of Seattle and over the mountain, all was fine. I would have loved to stop to take pictures of the mountain. Snow covered many areas and in all the nooks and crannies, and there were impromptu waterfalls all over the place. The rain was melting the snow, hence all the flooding in Seattle (or at least a lot of it, I am thinking). But I would have loved to have had some photos of the waterfalls. What I could see of them, cruising past at about 55 was spectacular, but it was still raining cats and dogs so the thought of pulling over and standing in the rain to take those photos ... um, so not happening.

It was a long trip, Emi was a trooper (thank goodness, again, for the dvd player) and we pulled in around 330. Needless to say, I was a zombie last night. Emi was asleep at 830 and I am pretty sure I was by 835.

Back later with photos from the trip, and a recap!


Lythrum said...

Welcome home, look forward to hearing about your trip. :)

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Glad you are safely home. Looking forward to pics and details.

Barbara said...

well at least you are home safely... :) I'll wait for the pics until you get settled back in.