Saturday, September 27, 2008

20 Favorite Things About Autumn

Melissa at The Inspired Room inspired Barbara (and probably countless others) over at Candy Hearts and Paper Flowers to share 20 Favorite Things About Autumn. (Read more details at Barbara's).

Barbara inspired me. Since fall is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year, I thought I'd try to come up with a list of twenty myself. So, in no particular order:

1. Mahogany, yellow gold, maroon, forest green ... my favorite colors come from autumn
2. Fleece jackets, warm mittens
3. Flannel sheets
4. Tons and tons of blankets on the bed
5. Tons and tons of blankets on the sofa
6. Reading under those blankets, all cozy and warm
7. Hot tea, cider and cocoa
8. Pumpkins!
9. PJ's, all soft and flannel
10. Watching someone other than me rake our mountains of leaves (smile)
11. Apple pies fresh from the oven
12. Anything and everything made from pumpkin
13. Putting out all my fall and Halloween stuff (I can't wait to get these things out!)
14. Pumpkin patches with hay rides and hot apple cider
15. Watching the sun rise on crisp mornings
16. The smell of fall, it's just so wonderful and completely unexplainable
17. Crunching through the leaves on sidewalks
18. Fall Harvest Festivals
19. Driving through the mountains to see the beautiful colors
20. Wonderful cool days, no more 100+ weather!

Bonus: Knowing that on November 1st I can get out my Christmas music and play it all day long!

Wow, I was worried I'd never come up with 20. I actually had to whittle my list down to my ultimate favorites. Thanks Barbara for posting this. It made me take a few minutes to stop and smell the roses, or rather, the crisp autumn air.

Last year our autumn was caught up in our preparation for The Big China Trip. While that time is precious to me, I am looking forward to sharing my favorite season with Miss Emi.


Gina (Caleeo) said...

Very nice! I agree completely - especially about enjoying it all with a little one. We were back home, but it is so much different having a 2 year old than a 1 year old. (and it is almost all good!)

Lythrum said...

I love all of your fall things that you love. :) I am soooo happy it is fall, it is my favorite season of the year. I'm going to have to come up with some things of my own. :)

amy said...

I love all of these as well!!!!
Thanks for your sweet post!

Barbara said...

As a child my list would have included leaf piles to jump into and scoop and throw up in the air... just an idea for Emi's list ;)

Thank you for sharing your list! I can't believe I forgot pumpkin patches... that's even better than chili in my book...

a Tonggu Momma said...

Except for number 13 (because I am Entirely Too Lazy), I agree with everything on your list. I love the autumn!!!!

"J" said...

I'm sooooooooooooooooo with you on #12!!! I'm not with you on #3!!! I don't think it gets cold enough here in Texas for HOT sheets! lol At least that is what I call them!

Your fall list ROCKS! I love it!!!!!

I love the weather we are getting! Cool mornings and warm afternoons! The HOT Texas heat is fading! Thank goodness!!!