Friday, September 26, 2008

Adoption for All: The Fairness for Families Petition

The below email arrived in my in-box this morning. Most adoptive families have probably already seen this, and voted. Even if you are not an adoptive family you can vote! The email was written by Dr. Jane Liedtke who is an adoptive mom, living in Beijing. She is the founder of OCDF (Our Chinese Daughters Foundation), which is a pretty incredible organization and one Jeff and I support. However, what this petition is, is about law. The US government must be held to the law, and our voice needs to be heard. Please, vote and feel free to share this information with others. The more votes we can get, the more we will be listened to.

To put this in the simplest of terms, had we not be 'grandfathered' in under the old rules, we would not have Emi. I cannot even begin to imagine our life (and the lives that she's touched) without our sweet girl. We would have done all our paperwork and paid all our fees (some two and even three times!), and then ... nadda. That is so wrong on so many levels. It's easy to vote and takes less than 2 minutes.


Please share with adoptive families.

Originally families in-process to adopt were to be under the old rules prior to Hague Accreditation. Now it seems there are some glitches for them that must quickly be ironed out.

This link is to a petition that is circulating for the purpose of putting pressure on the USCIS and Dept. of State to follow the law and NOT make current adoptive families that are in process/waiting to adopt (paperwork already in the system) transition to Hague adoption case format/requirements .

Please send this petition link out to anyone you know who is a registered voter and is willing to help you.

http://www.gopetiti 22112.html

This email is being sent to families who have already adopted, because, although this does not affect you, we want to give you the opportunity to help others who are in the middle of their adoptions.

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