Friday, August 22, 2008

Catching up ... with lots of photos!

Since I have finally caught up on our trip and the Olympics, I thought I should catch up on Emi and the latest batch of photos.

Emi is, well, Emi. Fun, silly, smiling, happy, stubborn, energetic, busy, laughing, adventurous, inquisitive, hiding, loves to be scared/startled (usually when found while hiding), sometimes grouchy, a love bug. She plays so hard now that before naptime she is usually more than ready. Some days I am lucky to get lunch into her, sometimes she eats lunch in shifts - half before and half after as she just starts falling apart even though she wants her lunch. She loves hugs and now gives kisses (oh, melt my heart!). We sing songs together and while she still has no words (has lost the few she had, but we are working to get them back) she sings along. If she happens to hear a song that we sing a lot she will get excited and look for me, and grin. Her grin, the most beautiful thing I think I've ever seen.

She still loves her pool and water table, adores the sandbox and would spend the day in there if I was willing to sit out there with her all day (silly mama, thinking that a bit of laundry needs to be done now and again!). She is just such a happy child. I can see her moving from baby to little girl, she is very much of a me-do-it child even without needing to say the words. Danger Girl is still very much part of our lives. Her latest heart-stopper: she loves to sit on the arm of the chair or sofa and balance (makes me nervous). I'd let her do it, except that the next step (I am sure) would be then trying to stand. {In fact, just this morning Jeff said to her "You'll go far, if you live girl." Too true!)

While she still loves Backyardigans, she has added Dora and Diego to her list of fav's, and also loves Little Einsteins. Basically, anything at all with music and dancing. It's so cute to see her mimic what she sees, which means that Jeff and I need to be ever vigilant as we are already seeing not just Diego being copied, but some of our mannerisms too.

On our scale she still weighs in at 23 pounds, the same weight she was her 16 month well-baby visit, she was 29.5" tall at that time too. We think she has grown some in height since then as her 12 month pants now fit! They were miles too long when I bought them in the early spring. Some even slip down past her tummy which, when I bought them they fit fine there just not in length. So, while I am not looking forward to the shot(s) she will get next week at her 18 month visit, I am quite curious to see her weight on their scale and her height. We need to start tracking those things at home.

She still loves to read her books, and read them with Jeff and I. Still cannot seem to get her to sit with us and actually read the words, while we are getting to read more words per page just still not the whole story. This is something we are actively working on. She loves her new toy area that we put up. She will sit in front of it and pull out whatever she wants to play with. She has even started helping to pick up. Not necessarily in the right bin, but in ANY bin is a first big step. She loves to take things out of the bins and baskets and put them in others.

About a week before we went to Portland, Chilihead over at Bloggy Giveaways held her quarterly Bloggy Carnival. I entered as many giveaways as I had time for (there were over a thousand bloggers giving away goodies!). I had hoped to join in to give something away this time, but as in the past we would be traveling for part of the time frame (in this case, it was our Portland trip). Crossing my fingers for the fall carnival. I was so lucky to WIN one giveaway. I was so excited to receive my (Emi's) box last week. We won the Little Fit giveaway from Amanda at They are baseball style caps that are specifically sized for babies, toddlers and kids. And, they are TOO cute! I got to choose which one I wanted, so selected this one. Here is Emi modeling it. She loves it, likes it backwards the best (I was hoping for something to shield her eyes and face from the sun, silly mama!). Thanks Amanda and the folks at Little Fit. I can see we are going to need more of these cute hats!

The first photo is Emi with her sweet baby doll. I put the doll on the table with the dvr and dvd player, hoping that maybe she might see it at some point and show some interest. This is not exactly what I had in mind: Emi taking the doll off the table (by the neck, my sweet nurturing child) and dropping her on the fireplace hearth. Then stepping on her. Too funny, I about died laughing. Wish I had had the video going. Of course, I couldn't let her know I was laughing. I was all "oh, poor Emi's baby .... " Okay, I get it. NO dolls. hahaha!

The other two photos are from yesterday's walk at the park. This gal is in constant motion, I cannot seem to get a good face-on photo of her these days unless I catch her off guard. I think I need to have Jeff with me, so that he can have a hold of the leash while I snap photos (or vice versa). Our walk was quite short as Emi had to pick up EVERY leaf she found on sidewalk and put it on the grass. And, while in the grass, she'd find a twig and HAD to have me hold it. It's a pretty large park. With lots of trees. Needless to say, we were there over an hour and walked about 20 feet. Okay, new plan. Stroller for the first part of the walk, and the leash for the last part of it. Mama needs the exercise!

I am still working on our next adventure. I have quite a few things I want to do with Emi, but they all require an overnight stay. Right now, we need to stick a bit closer to home so I am searching out activities that are day-trips. While the car isn't her fav place to be, she can handle it with her dvd player so I am hoping for something no farther than about 90-120 minutes drive. I did find a Children's Museum here locally that supposedly has a room specifically for babies and toddlers! I am thinking that is our next new, fun outing. Also, once school is back in session our library is starting a toddlers story time, I am hoping to hit that as maybe she will sit and listen to someone else read ... while I hold her down. (Will have to look for the duct tape ... kidding!)


Lythrum said...

I can't believe she is 18 months already. :)

Barbara said...

So cute and inquisitive! It's scary what parrots kids are and you have to be careful of every action and word knowing you have a sponge absorbing everything the see and experience in this world in the house with you. It kills me to hear someone say something unintended and the child repeat it. It can be hilarious too depending on what's said. My friends daughter never says excuse me, she always says pardon me, because that's what her mama says. But it's kinda funny coming from a 3 year old. Even funnier because when she says pardon me, she expects the other kids to MOVE. And they think she's speaking another language, most haven't heard pardon me.

"J" said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Emi is so CUTE!!!! =) Great pics!!!

You know ~ I entered a TON of the giveaways and didn't win anything! =( Boooooooooooooo-whooooooooooo!!!

I'm hoping to do a giveaway at the next one!!!! =) Prob just a gift card...something easy to ship!!!!