Thursday, August 21, 2008


I haven't really posted on the Olympics yet. Thought I'd take the time now, after watching more with Emi yesterday. First, the Opening Ceremonies. Yes, we watched them. Well, Emi and I did. Jeff watched about ten minutes. That's a lot of TV for Jeff. But he said if I bought the dvd, he'd watch it at some point. I will buy it, but I bet Emi and I watch it again before he does!

I dvr'd it, so Emi and I watched a bit at a time throughout that first weekend. She was entranced, bored, and a bit unsettled at varying times during the show. The drummers she wasn't fond of, at all. The children carrying in the flag, we watched three times. She couldn't get enough of them, patting the TV where they were, chattering to me (I am guessing, about them). She was delighted. She liked any of the dancing, the Tai Chi, quick movement kinds of things. The athletes walking in, she wanted no part of (not surprising) but I always make a point of watching every moment of that. For so many, this is their shinning moment. I guess I feel I owe them that much, even though they have no idea who I am. :)

I've watched quite a bit without Emi (naps/bedtime) and some with her around. She has seemed to really like the beach volley ball (go figure), the rowing (another, huh?), any swimming at all and yesterday she couldn't get enough of the springboard diving. She'd watch so intently, like she knew what they were doing. And, the moment they'd hit the water, she'd clap. I am not sure how she picked it up, but she did. She'd turn around to look at me, to make sure I was clapping too. She's an interesting kid, our Emi.

I have varying views on the fact that the Olympics are being held in China. I was so excited when I heard that China would be hosting the Olympics. I am happy that we will have more to tell/show Emi about her birth country. But also saddened. The human rights that is sadly lacking for the people of China still bothers me, bothers many I am sure. Until a fellow mom pointed out some exact numbers, I was clueless as to just how bad. I loved our time in China, I'd go again tomorrow (or rather, once the Olympics are over). I can't wait to take Emi back for a visit (or ten!). But teaching her about China will be a tightrope walk. We will teach her to take pride in being Chinese American. That the people are warm and wonderful. The country is vast and beautiful. And that all governments have problems. While I don't agree with so many decisions that the Chinese government makes, I feel the same way about much here in the US. Granted, vastly different decisions. So yes, she should be proud of her heritage but realize the problems surrounding China also. In time.

So yes, I am watching and not boycotting. I honestly do not feel they should be boycotted. But that's my opinion. I am enjoying them, and cheering on all athletes, US, Chinese, and everyone else. I am one of those people who thinks the medal should go to the person/group who performed the best THAT DAY. Not two weeks ago or at the last Olympics, right then. I also am not one of those people that when one of 'our' athletes falter, hope that the others do too, so 'our' athlete wins. It bothers me to hear people talk that way. That is not, in my mind, good sportsmanship. And really, isn't that what the Olympics are all about?

Good sportsmanship and bringing the people of the world together.

Yes, I guess I am just that naive.


amy said...

I feel the same way..Good post..The were beautiful

Barbara said...

It's not naive to have hope for a better tomorrow, which is what it boils down to. Learning from today for a better tomorrow. She should be proud of her heritage and culture, but only in knowing the mistakes of the current and past can she strive for a better future. She's lucky, she has a family that loves her and she'll have choices that many in her country don't.

Lythrum said...

I'm with you Kiy. I also understand that for individual athletes that this is what they have been working for all of their lives. It struck me that for some of them, being Olympic caliber atheletes had such impact on their families - the Chinese girl who got a house for her family, the lady who was able to get help for her daughter with leukemia by competing for Germany, the Chinese man that overcame a major injury. And also seeing atheletes win their country's very first gold medal EVER. So yes, there are political issues, but the spirit of the Olympics is still real to me.

Louanne said...

Great post Kiy! And that is what the Olympic spirit is about.

"J" said...

I agree with you!!!! I do NOT feel they should be boycotted!!! This is a time for all countries to come together!!! It's time to celebrate all the HARD WORK of the athletes!!!!

I watched and loved it! I love sports!!! I think the Woman's Beach Volleyball was my favorite Olympic moment!!! I was in tears when May's spread her moms ashes!!!

I didn't know they had a DVD!?!?! That is cool!