Thursday, July 17, 2008

Miss Emi

Today we finally had our six-month post-placement visit. We used a new (to us) social worker, and we really liked her. Emi, however, is still withholding judgment. Our normally out-going, non-stop chatter gal ... wasn't. Granted it ended up being at lunchtime and not much gets between Emi and her lunch, but still. I wonder if there's a tooth working it's way in. She's been kind of out-of-sorts the last few days. Grumpy at odd times, needing more snuggle time, that kind of thing. But, the ins and outs of toddler-hood are trying at best, especially for the toddler. We are trying to take our cues from her, and staying pretty close to home. She and I are both (finally) over that bug of last week. Thank goodness!

Back to the visit. It went well. But seriously, I cleaned this house from top to bottom, probably safe to eat off the kitchen floor. You'd think she'd at least taken me up on the house tour! {grin} So, if anyone out there is even contemplating a visit, nows the time. I cannot guarantee when this house will ever look this way again. Well, once Emi is in college. Maybe.

We have nothing planned for the rest of the week. A Target run (diapers!) tomorrow and then, depending on how the little miss is doing, I'd love to go to the farmer's market downtown on Friday. We have yet to get there, and I really want to go. But, if she's still in a funk, it won't be fun for either of us. However, going bye-bye is one of Emi's most fav things to do. While she's still so-so about car rides (tolerates them far better than she used to!), when we get where we are going she is all for it. It really doesn't matter what the outing is. The park, the mall, grocery shopping, Target runs. Life is out there and Emi wants to see it all! So, I will use the Target run to see how she is doing and go from there.

BTW, the above picture isn't a new one. Its from a trip to the park back in June. But it's my favorite picture of Emi to-date. It just looks so her. Something has caught her eye and her hair is all messed up ... typical Emi. I love it and need to find just the frame for it for my desk.

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Lythrum said...

That is a beautiful picture of her Kiy. :) I'm glad to hear that the visit went well. And I'm jealous, I wish that my floors were clean enough to eat from!