Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Park

So, when I left off, Emi was out-of-sorts gal and a bit on the grumpy side. Thursday morning she woke up for the first time all week happy, cheerful, ready to conquer the world. Back to our normal sweetie! So I did some quick rethinking on the week, blew off wanting to get to the grocery store, counted diapers to see how long we could really last before heading off to Target. I realized that Target really couldn't wait another day, but it could wait until later in the afternoon. So, I got Emi and I ready to leave the house in record time and then set to putting together her new bike. Actually, I had started this project the night before but it ended up being noisier than expected and frankly, once Emi is asleep I am not willing to do anything that might wake her!

So, bike together and diaper bag packed (heh, with the few remaining diapers in the house, water and snacks) and we were out the door by 9 a.m.

The park was glorious. It was going to get hot hot hot later in the day but that early in the morning it was beautiful. We spent several hours just wandering around. Emi loves her bike and while I am glad she did I am happy that I found this one on sale 'cause it isn't going to last us long. The little yellow guard thing that I thought was going to be so great, isn't. It keeps her on the bike, but after riding around on it I realized that she doesn't really need it. Except that now that she knows it's there, it must be in place! I will sit her on the bike and she will take the two ends of the guard and push them together. When I tried to detach them completely, meltdown. The problem is, Miss Emi has some thighs on her! The guard presses into her thighs and leaves marks. Not horrible ones, but marks nonetheless (so, can it really be all that comfortable?). Also, it is not as easy to steer as I would have thought. I had to keep over-correcting to keep it going in a straight line. Guess I am going to need to look into that really expensive one, and test it out with Emi in it. I loved it but at $200 for a trike, it seemed outrageous (I see now they've come down in price). After driving the one we bought, I can see why the price diff. But I loved that the one we bought had the guard (didn't need it after all, but I wouldn't have known that until we tried it out), folded down to stash in the trunk and it has foot rests. Emi is not a tall gal (but we've noticed a bit of a growth in the last few weeks!). I liked that feature on the bike we have, the other one doesn't have it.

But, all in all, a really nice morning. She loved the bike, and while when we stopped for a mama rest she wanted to run around when it was time to keep moving on, she wanted back on the bike.

(BTW, we did actually get to Target. Didn't want folks to think Emi was running around the house commando!)

Friday was the Farmer's Market. We woke to another beautiful day (gosh, it's pretty here in SE Washington!). So I again tossed us together lickedy-split and out the door we were, again, by 9 a.m. (We are not real fast people first thing in the morning, so this is a pretty big deal). We had fun at the market, didn't buy a whole lot as I was just trying to see what all was there and then couldn't find the raspberry guy again. Lesson learned, when I see it and want it, I buy it then. Emi loved waving at all the people, flirting with the older gentlemen sitting in the sun chatting, mooching fresh fruit tastes from the booths (this gal, she's a charmer!). We then walked back to the car to stash our goodies, which just happened to be next to yet another park. So Emi and I spent another couple of hours just goofing off, playing in the grass, running around, finding twigs and rocks, making piles ... and messes! But what fun!

Emi is just fun to be with. I wonder if this is the age, or her personality. I am thinking a bit of both, but who knows. She is always ready for a new adventure and if she sees you putting on shoes to leave the house you had better be taking her with! She will even bring you her shoes, should you forget. :) I knew I wanted to be a mama, there was no doubt. But I don't think I thought much of the day-to-day. I am so very (very very very very) lucky to get to stay home with her. These carefree days are so precious, and I know it. I don't take them for granted and I love every moment.

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Lythrum said...

It really is a great blessing to be able to stay home with your kids. It's something that I really wish I was able to do, but at least Maw is able to be home with her so one of us is able. I couldn't bear to leave her at a daycare, that's for sure. Emi is growing so fast, how do you keep up with her? ;)