Sunday, May 4, 2008

Grandma's Visit

Sadly, I am still catching up from February and March. I had wanted to post pictures from my mom's visit before we left for our trip but that's one of the (many) things that got shoved aside in the last minute frantic of getting us all out the door. I need to get more organized, but right now Miss Emi is attached by a very short bungie cord. When the cord gets longer, I will get more done. For now, I am going to enjoy every moment that she wants to be with Mama and worry about everything later!

So, back to my mom's trip in February. We really did have a great time. Once I was back up and on my feet we had an entire week of playing and fun. Miss Emi really enjoyed my mom, and (of course!) my mom was quite smitten with Emi. One day we decided to go to a home and garden show. More of an outing than an actual need for anything (besides, I don't garden ... I leave that to my dad, the master gardener!). We had a nice afternoon, after the first initial worry and concern (and need to be held by Mama ... there were lots of people there) Emi had a great time. Also, it was a nice backdrop for photo ops!

The guy trying to sell these tractors probably thought we were nuts, but we had the best time playing.

Here are a few other photos from the week ...

With Grandma's Valentine roses

Everyone gets roped into watching Backyardigans. Oh, and we really do heat our house.
My mom would have this many layers AND the blanket ... in August.

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That's really sweet!