Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane!

No MPM this week as we leave tomorrow for 2.5 weeks of fun and games. First stop, Memphis to visit our most wonderful friends, Ron & Mary (I cannot WAIT!). We will have four very short days there before heading up to Virginia to visit with Jeff's family. Jeff's whole (well, immediate) family is meeting up at Woodside, the family home of Jeff's mom. Drew (his son) is driving up from school, Jeff's niece and nephews, and assorted friends/significant others. What a party!

We cannot wait for Miss Emi to meet everyone. Our little social butterfly, while quiet and shy at first will jump in with both feet soon enough and have the time of her life. I cannot wait for everyone to see her sparkling personality and her mischievous little smile. We have two memory cards for the digital camera, at about 900 photos per card ... I hope we have enough! (hehe)

Cheers all, will post pictures when we return!

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Lythrum said...

Have a safe trip guys!! Too bad we didn't know you were going yo Memphis, we only live aboout 4 hours away :)