Monday, March 24, 2008

Menu Plan for Week of: Mar 23 – Mar 29

Super tired, posting this and heading to bed! Don't forget to hop (haha!) on over to Organizing Junkie for more MPM!

Menu Plan for Week of: Mar 23 – Mar 29

  • Sunday: We ended up being ultra lazy. Had leftover fish for breakfast (yes, we really ARE just this odd) and miscellaneous whatever for lunch. We then went out to Olive Garden for dinner (yum!).
  • Monday: Spaghetti and (meatless) Meatballs, wheat pasta, fresh fruit salad
    • This is absolutely nothing fancy. Any jar of prepared marinara sauce, lots of mushrooms, zucchini, onions (any vege that happens to be in the fridge) and a bag of meatless meatballs. The ‘meatless’ part is an experiment, lets hope it works!

  • Thursday: Eggplant Ricotta Bake (never got to it last week), maybe a broiled chicken breast for Emi and I to share, canned fish for Jeff

  • Friday: Fresh fish (whatever looks good at Yokes), soba noodles, frozen peas & carrots

  • Saturday: Leftovers/Free Nite
    • We tend to go out one nite a week, or need a night of not making dinner for various reasons. I am factoring this in my menu plan each week, but it won’t necessarily always (or often) be on a Saturday.

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jenn said...

I am currently looking for vegetarian recipes for my daughter but ones that the whole family will enjoy. The eggplant and zucchini sound like they would work great. Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you are enjoying your week.