Saturday, January 26, 2008

Miss Emi

Yesterday I felt better than I have in well over a week. Jeff, Emi and I spent a lazy, quiet morning together and it was so nice. After her morning nap I was still feeling good and pretty strong, so I decided to take Emi and go the mall. Which is amazing, as I *hate* shopping and mall-wandering. Guess that goes to show how desperately I needed to get out of the house, to do *anything*!

Daddy decided to stay home (wimp!), and have some much needed (and deserved) downtime. So off Emi and I headed to the mall. I actually had a reason for going. This gal has outgrown her ... socks! Go figure, but there you are. She also needed a jacket (shell) for under her fleece to break the wind. We are still hoping to be able to attend the Chinese New Year celebration on Bainbridge Island, and it being an island I have to think it will be mighty chilly. All of the festivities are outdoors, so I want to make sure she is bundled up nice and warm. Even if we end up not being able to go, it's a jacket that can easily become her spring jacket (it's toooo cute, navy blue hoodie with a giant flower appliqued on the front). But, I am jumping ahead of my story.

We started in Sears, wow, when did they get so expensive? I found some very darling outfits but $48 for basically a tunic and leggings? SO not happening. Especially since I know that just two weeks ago I bought two darling (darling darling) outfits at Target for $8.99 each! Okay, I am cheap. But there is no reason to spend that kind of money on clothes that she is going to outgrow in weeks. So, off to Penney's, still looking for socks (none ... none??? ... at Sears). Penney's was a MESS! Maybe instead of standing around chatting, the sales staff should have been picking the clothes up OFF the floors, refolding them and putting them back on the shelves? I did find some socks and one cute shirt (took a lot of digging!) for only $3.97. Gotta love *that* kind of bargain!

We went into The Children's Place (another overpriced baby store), Old Navy (I got just inside the store, got overwhelmed and turned around!) and Gap. Gap is where I found her jacket and a darling little shirt that was also on sale. Why is it things that are on sale fit so much better and are so much cuter? :)

Emi had a grand time! The mall was pretty busy (note to self: no going to the mall on Friday afternoons), with lots of children/families. She was so good, hung out in her stroller the whole time, chowing on vege crackers and pretzels with sips of water whenever mama offered. Poor kid, I think she was so desperate to get out of the house too that even a trip to the mall was a good outing.

Our only meltdown was when we went into the restroom. I thought I should check her diaper, BAD idea. We walked in and immediately, someone flushed a toilet. The screams of terror, my poor baby! I immediately picked her up and cuddled her, and before she could completely calm down, someone else flushed a toilet. Total complete meltdown. I almost ran out of there! We stood just outside the doors, just holding on to each other, her little face pressed so tightly into my neck. And of course, there I was, feeling like the worst mama in the whole world. But after a bit, she calmed down and, still holding her, I started to walk around. Pretty soon she was my happy girl again and was able to get back into her stroller and hang out. Guess diaper changes will continue to be on the back seat of the car for awhile.

We had such a great afternoon, I had missed spending time like that with Emi. She is usually up for just about anything and seems that she still is. We left the mall and still had a happy baby. We changed that diaper and loaded her into her car seat. She chattered to herself and her firefly and instead of her usual "I'm sick of the car seat and am sleepy" yelling and crying, sang and chatted herself to sleep. WOW!

Ended up calling Jeff, and we headed over to our favorite Thai restaurant. Emi chowed on chicken, curry (wow!), tofu and rice. This gal will, and does, eat anything! She was a bit fussy on the way home, but we sang songs and she played with daddy's hands (and the cool doo-dads on his jacket sleeve).

What a great day. One I will remember for a long time. Guess it really is the simple things.

P.S. Here are some recent pictures of Emi. Right now, she is *much* too busy to have her photo taken. I am lucky to get any to turn out, and none with her paying attention to the camera. So here are some Busy Emi shots (oh, and some of her practicing standing unassisted!).


polli said...

too cute love the pics! and yes i usually shop target and walmart and the sales ofcourse i am glad you are feeling better!!! nothing worse than feeling like caca and know you cant play with your favorite little munchkin and take time to hang out in the can so that girl can get used to toilets flushing lol

Cath said...

Hiya Kiy
Emi is gorgeous!!! When I first met Jayme, she wouldn't lie down for a bum change. I actually had to change her while she sat upright. Hmmmmm.
Have a happy first birthday!! At home with just Mommy and Daddy are the best ones ever!!