Friday, January 25, 2008

Menu Plan (late!)

In the better late than never category ... here is my plan (very loose plan!) for the rest of the week. I am already working on next week's menu, but I doubt it's going to be too ambitious. But, at least it will be a plan! (Yes, there are three days of Jeff fending for himself. Let's hope he doesn't have to do too much more of that, poor guy!)

Menu Plan for Week of: January 20-26, 2008

  • Sunday: Leftovers/Scrounge

  • Monday: Leftovers/Scrounge

  • Tuesday: Leftovers/Scrounge

  • Friday: Going out to dinner (yay!)

  • Saturday: Leftovers from Thursday, maybe adding a pot of rice if needed and another vegetable, maybe a salad (all depends on how much is left)
I am too late to sign up at Organizing Junkie's for this week, but still head on over. Lot's of folks have listed their menu's and the inspiration abounds!

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Louanne said...

All right lady that Chicken sounds good. I think I will make it tonight - thanks!