Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Carefree Days

Yesterday ended up being a big day, considering that all we had planned was setting up the crib toy (getting desperate on the sleep thing!) and maybe doing a batch or two of laundry. However, when Little Bit decided that blowing off her morning nap was on her agenda, we decided to go an outing was the thing to do.

First stop, introducing Emi to a bit our our local culture. One of Jeff's favorite places in the Tricities area is the Atomic Brewpub & Eatery. Funny enough, as he doesn't drink beer. Sadly, they don't have their own website, so I had to scour the Internet for details. Needless to say, with what Jeff does for a living, this place is right up his alley. The food is good - pub food, which he likes and there are a few things that I can order ... but their Homemade Potato Soup is to die for! But it's more the atmosphere that we go there for. Address

After charming the staff and patrons, and completely destroying four packs of saltine crackers and scattering the surrounding area with crumbs (we are still unsure if she actually ate any) we were off to our next adventure. Jeff's office is only a few blocks from Atomic so we thought we'd invade visit them for a bit to show off Little Bit. She was on her best behavior, and of course everyone fell in love with her (I mean really, how could they not?). :) She was even invited back for the Holiday Party, Jeff and I attending is optional.

Our departure was good timing as Little Bit was ready to head home. We stopped at the library for a quick drop off/pick up (which, honestly, was my main reason for the whole trip). Just that morning I had received an email from the library that my copy of Creation in Death was available for pickup. Whoooooohooooo! If you have never read the series and like mysteries, cop stories, futuristic or all of the above this series is a must read. And I don't just say this because of Roarke. But oh my heavenly goodness, if you only need one reason to read this ... Roarke could be it. Think Pierce Brosnan, accent and all. Total swoon. Oh, and start at the beginning. It's worth it. The way the characters change and grow is wonderful. Nora Roberts/JD Robb is one of my most favorite authors, ever.

Then, to the musical demands of Miss Emi, we headed home. She never did fall asleep in the car, but clean diaper and a bottle later, she did get about 45 minutes of nap time after all. The rest of the day was spent quietly, well, at home at least. Entertaining Little Bit and keeping Max's fur out of her tight grasp.


Magi said...

I love the J.D. Robb books. I got lost somewhere in the series and need to figure out where. I think I just missed one book. The last one I read was the one where the best friend gives birth. I think I missed the one just before that.

It sounds like you had a fun outing. Enjoy this time. I miss having all day with Sera to do what we wanted.

polli said...

i love to read nora roberts as well i like her other (smut) books though : ) its great to read and snuggle with the little dears while they are snoozing too :))) let tlar (aks jeff) know that it sounds like a great little place to get grub!