Thursday, November 29, 2007


So it's not a big secret I am not a fan of snow. On the other hand, Jeff loves it. Of course, he didn't grow up with the mess and ick so what does he know? :)

THIS is what I woke up to, at o'dark hundred (4 am) this morning: These were taken standing at the dining room window looking out into our back yard. YUCK. Oh, I said that already, didn't I?

BTW, was anyone wondering why I was awake at 4 am? Little Bit was so, so was Mama. She had her first set of vaccinations yesterday, luckily only (only?) four. She was fine all afternoon and evening, but then she is already on Tylenol for those pesky teeth that keep bothering her but refuse to actually show up. All I want for Christmas is my two front (lower) teeth? :)

But, awake and raring to go at 4am she was. So a diaper change, dose of tylenol and a bottle later (with Mama hoping that bottle would put her back to sleep ... NOPE!) we were in the office playing with toys on her blanket. This is a child desperately trying to play ... while feeling horrible and cranky. Poor baby. I knew she wasn't feeling great when I offered her her most fav food in the world (at the moment) ... strawberry yogurt ... and she pushed the spoon away.

Okay Little Bit, Mama hears you. So at 830 another diaper change and another bottle. This time it worked and she was out cold! Also, if we are going to buy the ultra expensive formula, you'd think she'd have the courtesy to actually *drink* the bottle, wouldn't you? Three sips and asleep. With her little hands fisted in my nightgown. Was that telling me Mama, hold me, don't put me down? I thought so, and so held her and rocked her until she shifted positions and let go. As much as I don't want her sick/not feeling great, I cherished that time. I know all too soon she will be a 'big' girl and not need her Mama to rock her.

Well, we are snuggling in here in our little home. Between the YUCK (oh, I mean snow) and Little Bit we are staying close to home and just hanging out.

Little Bit, trying so hard to play ... but finally giving up.


polli said...

just an fyi for you you can give tylenol and motrin the motrin lasts longer and you can give tylenol more often : ) just one of those mommy secrets and hopefully it wont take too long for those pesky teeth to break thru... also can use frozen waffles for teething too : ) /hugs

polli said...

oops i forgot SNOW!!!!! yippeeee just wait soon she will be loving it and yes i grew up in the mess as well too bad the kids dont see it as much its one of the things i miss : (

Lythrum said...

From someone who live in Minnesota for many years and currently lives in the Deep South, I really do miss snow. All we get most of the time here is ice. :) The advantage is that here, you don't have to shovel, just wait a few hours and it melts. ;) Sorry to hear that your little one is sick and cranky, hopefully she'll feel better soon. :)

Magi said...

I think snow is beautiful to look at. I think it's fun to play in. I think it's awful to drive in. And I think it's horrible, frightening, and terribly yucky to walk through a parking lot in, especially if you have to carry your child.

We've had one minor snow and a big winter storm heading out way this weekend. I am NOT looking forward to Monday morning.

Did I mention that I can't walk well when it's icy because I have the worst sense of balance in the world.

Louanne said...

Oh I hope those teeth come in soon for your sweet baby!