Sunday, November 25, 2007

One Month

Today marks one month to the day that Miss Emi was placed in our arms. Well, four weeks - technically our one month is on the 29th ... how does that work exactly? :). It hardly seems possible that it's been a month already, but then it also seems like just yesterday. We are so in love with her and she seems to enjoy us also. I love hearing her wake up in the morning. It has changed from frantic cries to what now happens is quietly babbling to herself (and her fingers). I like to give her a minute or two of that, listening either on the baby monitor or just outside her door. Then I will go in and it's all smiles and laughing, reaching for me. We always go over to the window, to say 'hello world, good morning'. If we are really lucky, someone will be walking their dog. She loves that! I don't turn on the lights, but change her using only the night light. Quietly chatting to each other. Then it's a bottle (a gal's best friend!) and a snuggle on the sofa. The folks living directly behind us we kind enough to (already, to Jeff's dismay) have their Christmas lights up (the Sunday before Thanksgiving!). I love to hold sweet Emi and see those lights twinkling. Poor Jeff, I now don't care a fig if he gets lights on the FRONT of the house, but I want him to put some up asap on the back porch.

Those quiet morning minutes are so precious to me. Emi is still cuddly and wants to be held (although I am sure the bottle is a big incentive!). Warm baby, sweet baby smells, cuddling under the down blanket with my favorite girl ... really, does it get any better? Right now, I am sitting here, waiting for her to wake up and I can't wait for those few precious moments.

Our days are spent quietly. Learning routines, what works and what doesn't. That first week home was a blur of jet-lag, laundry and just existing. The second week went much smoother, truly enjoying being home and being together. I know this next week will fly by as it's Jeff's last week off before going back to work. I am so not ready, I have loved having him home. I don't think he will ever have five solid weeks off in a row again, until he retires and he is quite aways from that! I truly have loved every moment.

Emi has grown by leaps and bounds. She seems pretty on-target in most things, maybe a bit behind in others. She is still not crawling, but looks to be getting close. She still does not like to be on her tummy at all, but loves to sit on a blanket and play with her toys. She can pull herself up (most of the time) to a standing position and stay there if she has something (or someone) to latch onto. We keep wondering if she will skip crawling and go right to walking (poor Max!). She will eat any and every thing!

Speaking of food ... last night, I made southern man dinner --- eggs, sausages (actually, chicken sausages but don't tell Jeff -- he loves them!), biscuits (although in this instance crescent rolls as I forgot to make them for T'giving dinner!), and GRITS. I made a small bowl for Emi, basically because we were curious. Scooped some grits into bowl and then made a over-easy egg (her first on that too, we had been giving her scrambled eggs to date). Tossed the egg in the bowl, chopped and mixed and cooled it all down. Tested a bite, perfect temp. Then tried her on a bite.

Eyes got BIG. Smacked her lips, worked the bite around (they are grits after all). Then, she grinned. Sat up straighter, grabbed the other side of the high chair tray and pulled herself almost closer to me. Opened up her baby bird mouth for more. In fact, we couldn't get it into her fast enough. If the next bite wasn't ready, she FUSSED at me! She ended up eating about half of what I made her, far more than we expected. Really, I didn't think she'd like the texture but then, it's only taken me 14 years to learn the secret of making grits. Double the cooking time listed on the package. Creamy, wonderful grits cannot be rushed, and they need low heat. Now, even I love grits ... and that's saying something!

Well, I hear a little gal stirring around. Not 'talking' yet, but definitely waking up. I wonder what new adventures today will bring.

Update: I did indeed hear Emi stirring, so I am back here posting later than expected.

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Louanne said...

Kiy - there is NOTHING like that morning bottle snuggle. I have to admit that I was happy they wanted to keep her on the bottle in the morning and night for 3 more months. Nadia needs to get bigger and get more calories, so the bottles work for that. Yeah for mom! Emi is so cute! kiss those cheeks for me :)