Monday, November 19, 2007

Three Weeks

Tomorrow marks three weeks since Sweet Emi was placed in our arms. While the jet-lag has been a challenge, we are getting there. She is still going down late (last night 10:30, tonight about 9:30) but it's FAR better than most of last week's 3:30 am!

I think we are doing okay, considering that we are pretty clueless. I have never cared for a baby at this age (have done new born and 2+ years, but nothing in between) and f0r Jeff, it's been a few years since Drew was a baby. But, Emi is getting us well-trained, never fear.

We introduced her to Cheerios on Thursday. But Friday morning they had become a major food group. I think she is now living on formula and Cheerios, with some yogurt (ONLY strawberry, thankyouverymuch), banana and scrambled eggs. She has completely turned her nose up at any and all baby foods, which were sort of a trial run anyway. I wasn't all that sold on the idea, but with jet-lag, Jeff and I weren't really eating all that great last week so I wasn't about to feed her from the table. Let's face it, Sahara Pizza rocks, but not for 9 month old babies.

We have kept life pretty low-key the last few days. It's been cold and rainy here (yeah, I know .. go figure!), so the thought of taking her out just made me shiver. Add to that, we don't yet have winter gear for her, or us. Jeff isn't the wimp I am, he can go out in a long-sleeve shirt and a wind-breaker. Me, I am looking for my inner shell jacket and fleece overlay. I know they are here somewhere! But really, until we have Little Bit's fleece jacket and pants (too cute!), she isn't going outside unless it's a need-to thing. (We do have her first 'meet and greet' with her pediatrician tomorrow afternoon, I sure hope the SNOW is melted by then. Yeah, I know, I shouldn't use those four letter words on a family blog. Trust me, I don't like it either!) :)

So, we are all doing well. Jeff and I aren't sick of each other, Emi seems happy with us. She adores Max, who lives in fear of when she becomes mobile (something she is working hard at, by the way). She is so close to crawling that Max is thinking of making a break for it. Every time she sees him, she screams in joy and reaches for him. She has already grabbed a handful of fur, but so far so good. He didn't even flinch, but then we grabbed her hand and him VERY quickly (but, she's a quick little bugger!). We are always right there with them if they are both on the floor at the same time. Luckily, he is fascinated with her. But we aren't taking any chances. On either of them. Max is old and crotchety, but has quickly figured out to hang out near the exersaucer where Cheerios mysteriously fall from the sky and under/around the highchair where all kinds of wonderness of goodies fall at any given moment. Although he has also learned to quickly dodge the falling sippy-cup! (Another new thing we tried out on her. Gave it to her at breakfast this morning with water in it, by dinner-time she had figured out that she has to suck to get the water. Brilliant, I tell you, brilliant. But, no bias here!)

No new pictures, as there really isn't anything going on except more unpacking and the never ending piles of laundry. Here are a couple of photos that didn't get posted while we were in China. First is Emi playing with her (still) fav toy ... stacking cups. the second picture is of Emi helping me pack. Jeff had to run out to the store to get us something. We had to be packed by 4pm for luggage pickup. I needed somewhere safe for Emi. Light bulb went off ... and she LOVED it! It was just her size, I put the pillow in for her so she wouldn't tip back and hit her head. Her stacking cups were in there too but this picture just cracked me up. Our little lady of leisure!


Lythrum said...

I'm glad to hear that you guys are getting settled in. I love the picture in the suitcase!

polli said...

too cute and just wait for her to discover SNOW!!! let the fun begin glad to hear all is going well, and shes slowly coming around that time change is a big adjustment keep up the great work remember parents dont get manuals /hugs

Amy said...

She's so cute & tiny - love the suitcase pic :) I hope you're adjusting to your time zone better!