Sunday, October 7, 2007

Shop Hopping

Every couple of months (or so) my mom and I get a wild hair. Well, we have quite a few of them but this particular hair has to do with stitching. Specifically, counted cross-stitch. We both do it, a lot. No, more than a lot. It's a sickness, really, something both of our husbands shake their head at.

Mom and I have gone on a few (hahaha - a 'few') stitching trips. One memorable one is the time she picked me up at the Detroit Airport and we drove to Georgia. Yes, Georgia! We went to the (sadly) now closed Dogwood Patch, to a stitching retreat. It was a weekend of bliss, someone else cooking and cleaning for us, sitting around all weekend with nothing more strenuous to do than to decide which project we wanted to work on. Surrounded by other ladies doing the same thing. When we left Georgia, we then bounced northward, state by state ... hitting stitching shops! The joys of the Internet and mapquest allowed us to select the shops we wanted to visit and find them. We were (and still am!) quite impressed that we only got turned around once, but found our way and got to where we were going. It was a great trip, doing something that we love ... shopping! Combine that with stitching and it's a perfect retreat/vacation.

We have done similar things: a class in Tulsa, a stitching festival in Pennsylvania, two stitching camps in Michigan, a crazy fabric buying trip to Kansas City and many "let's hit the road and visit shops". We sort of collect stitching shops now, a strange hobby indeed. Over the years we have learned what we like to do, and what we don't. And have enjoyed every moment. I have to think it's a rare thing, what my mom and I share.

The last few times we have said "Let's go XXX, it will be our last time for quite awhile" as we kept anticipating the trip to China and Emi. Well, we can officially say this time (without a shadow of a doubt), this is it. Our last stitching trip for awhile. Unless we drag Emi along ... might as well train her young! (Kidding, kidding .... mostly.)

I leave Monday morning to fly to Detroit. Mom will pick me up and then we are heading to Ohio. One of the shops that we found on the way back from the festival in PA is hosting a Shop Hop. We heard about it last year, had just missed that one, but kept an eye out for the date for this year. Wouldn't you know it, three weeks before we were to leave for China. I kept saying no. Too much to do, too crazy of a time, etc. Finally, I realized I was starting to go a bit nuts with waiting. Mom and I talked and we just literally TOSSED this trip together at the last minute. We are both really looking forward to it, pretty darned excited actually.

2007 NorthCoast Tour de Stitch

BTW, for those that are not familiar with this kind of thing: A shop hop is pretty much what it sounds like, hopping around to all the shops. You pick up a 'passport' at the first shop on the list. You visit each shop, getting your passport stamped (oh, and shopping and visiting along the way!). At the last shop you show your passport and get a prize. We will be all over Ohio, bouncing up and down throughout the state. It's a pretty time of year to be doing this, and I am looking forward to that too.

I return early Saturday morning, and will have 13 very short days to then get Jeff and I ready for China. I am going to be crazy as a loon then, but since I have just about everything on our packing list(s) all I have to really do is figure out how to get ALL of it into two small 21" rolling carry ons, 2 smallish backpacks and a 23" checked piece. I had hoped to go without the checked piece but Jeff is a grouch. As the resident pack mule, I figured if he wants us to check one piece ... he can. And that will allow us to take a few things that will make the trip less "camping" and more comfortable. Which probably is pretty smart. But gosh, I so wanted to see if we could go COO. Just to prove I can, I am going COO for the stitching trip. Just cause!

I won't have time, or energy!, to blog so I am signing off until I return. Have a good week, fellow bloggers. I'll be back with stories and more goodies than I probably should!


Lythrum said...

I think it really is a rare thing that you and your mom have with this. I would probably strangle my mother after the first hour in the car. It's really nice that you both have a similar interest to share. :)

Louanne said...

That sounds like so much fun. I love counted cross stitch and can you believe it - I haven't finished Nadia's blanket. I started it in 2005, got sad about the wait in 2006 and quit working on it. Picked it up again Jan. 2007, but then the wait kept going on and I put it away again.

So now that we are home, I need to get to work!


korib said...

I am soooooo happy to have found your blog! Thank you for sharing your exciting news with me. I can't wait to chat with you about the trip(s) and catch up!

And you are right...we are neighbors, almost.