Saturday, October 6, 2007

Friends in Blogland

While we waited for our referral I have met some amazing women. I may never meet them in person (real life) but they have affected my life. The list is quite long, but I met most of them through either quilt swapping (and I have yet to even start Emi's quilt!) or over at RQ's forums. Seriously, if you are waiting for your referral, be it China or any other country, and have not yet visited the forums ... head on over. That's got to be THE nicest group of folks ever. I honestly am not altogether sure how I would have gotten through the wait had it not been for these ladies (and a couple of very nice gentlemen!). I had support from a handful of very close friends, and even fewer family members, and of course the ever wonderful Jeff ... but the folks on the forums truly understood as ... they were living it too.

All this lead in is to talk about two ladies that mean a lot to me, and I bet they don't even know how much. The first women I want to chat about is Magi over at Kaffee She was, and continues to be, an inspiration. I followed her blog while she and her husband Jim went to China to get their little darling, Sera. I adore Sera, just the sweetest little thing ever. I *so* wanted to travel with Magi and Jim, and knew we wouldn't get to. What they did for me, and most likely many others, was give me the power and the courage that I was somehow lacking. The trip to China didn't bother me, I'd lived in Japan and knew the trip itself would be 'okay'. It was the unknown that had me worried. The Great Wall, and climbing it, and the other places they went, saw and experienced. I saw all this through their eyes and knew I could do it. One step at a time. And, if I couldn't ... it was okay. When it came right down to it, I needed to remember what the reason for this trip was. Emi. This is MY trip (well, mine and Jeff's) and I am going to enjoy it. No matter what. Because of Magi (and Jim). Thank you, dear friend.

The other special woman is Louanne over at (I keep meaning to ask her what that means!). She and her husband Mike had a LID earlier in November, so while I knew we wouldn't get to travel with them, in the back of my mind I kept hoping for BIG referral dates so we could. She seemed fun, down to earth and a bit crazy. My kind of gal. I also fell head over heels in love with her daughter. It's like a love-fest, and whenever I was feeling down I'd head on over to get a 'hit' of Nadia (and Magi's Sera). Those were my first stops on the low days. How could I be down after seeing those two beautiful faces smiling back at me? I couldn't, and I knew that.

I think I found both of these wonderful ladies at times in my life that I needed them. They both empowered me in ways I didn't realize I needed. Special people, indeed.

Awhile back, Magi tagged me for an award. It was quite wonderful of her and I never really did thank her as much as I should have. It was terribly kind, considering all I did was bug her for more pic's of the ever-wonderful Sera. :) I think I am supposed to tag other people, but I am still new enough to blogging that I am not altogether sure how I am to do that. I am going to look into it though, and hopefully figure it out.


RoLo said...

Couldnt agree more. The yahoo DTC groups, the bloggy friends and RQ forum friends. ALL GREAT PEOPLE.

Magi said...

I've been trying to figure out what to say. I am deeply honored by your words. I'm just glad that anything I wrote helped.

While we waited, I read, literally, hundreds of travel stories. Very few of the parents looked like us (Jim and me). If they did, it seemed like they tried to keep a low profile or were very self-conscious and a little paranoid. I just wanted to put our story out there for anyone like me, and I wanted our story out there for Sera.

I cannot wait to follow along as you travel. It's getting close now.