Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I am back and have something in the works about my trip, and it's HUGE! But I wanted to get this posted as some folks have been asking where we will be when ... and we finally know.

Ignore the arrow to Yinchang, I found this on a travel tour site. While not a perfect match to our travel it's pretty darn close!

  • 25 Oct - Leave for China via Seattle
  • 26 Oct - Arrive in Beijing (staying at the JianGuo Garden Hotel)
  • 27 Oct - The Great Wall (scheduled by our agency, optional)
  • 28 Oct - Forbidden City & Tian An Men Square (scheduled by our agency, optional)
  • 28 Oct - Depart Beijing, Arrive Chongqing (staying at the Holiday Inn Yangzi Hotel)
  • 29 Oct - EMI DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooooohooooo!
  • 29 Oct - Dr. Nasenbeny physical for Emi (agency accompanied doctor, very nice perk!)
  • 30 Oct - Registration, passport application @ (Chinese) Civil Affairs office
  • 31 Oct - Notary
  • 01 Nov - Rest / Free day
  • 02 Nov - Sightseeing (scheduled by our agency, optional)
  • 03 Nov - Rest / Free day
  • 04 Nov - Sightseeing (zoo) scheduled by our agency, optional
  • 05 Nov - Receive Emi's passport, PACK!
    • All of this is for the Chinese government, once we leave Chongqing, Emi is ours and we are her's in the eyes of China
  • 05 Nov - Depart Chongqing for Guangzhou (staying at the White Swan Hotel)
  • 06 Nov - Visa physical and Sightseeing (scheduled by our agency, optional)
  • 07 Nov - Visa Interview (US requirement)
  • 08 Nov - Citizenship oath at the US Embassy Guangzhou
  • 09 Nov - Depart Guangzhou for US (we will go through customs in Portland, where Emi we become a US Citizen the moment she touches US soil!)
  • 09 Nov - Home :)
All sightseeing scheduled by our agency is optional, so that if one of us is not feeling well or the baby just doesn't seem up to a long tour, we can opt out. We hope to go on many of the trips but our main (only!) reason for visiting China right now is Emi! It is our hope to return when she is older and at that time will see more of China. But right now, she (and we!) will be dealing with a lot of changes, so we will take our lead from her.

This is a longer trip than most, we seem to have extra days in Chongqing. Not sure why but I like the fact that we have a couple of 'free' days. There are things that we would like to see while in Chongqing, if Emi is up to it. Especially the area of the Three Gorges Dam (and museum) and hopefully take the cable car ride over the river. Sometimes (we've heard) getting out and about is good for these little ones, sometimes it's not. Guess we will find out .... soon!

We have been doing quite a bit of reading and watching (Discovery Channel's special awhile ago) on the Three Gorges Dam project. While we are not huge believers in the red thread theory for adoption, we do find it interesting that Emi is from this area, that holds so much interest for Jeff and I. While I had so wanted to go to Xi'an as the Terracotta Warriors fascinate me, I really wanted to see the Yangtze River and the dam also. How lucky our daughter was waiting for us in one of these two places. When we go back, we hope to share both with Emi. article
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Lythrum said...

Woot! So exciting, I would love to see China. I would like to see the Terracotta Warriors too. Eat lots of food on my behalf. :)

Magi said...

How wonderful that you get to spend extra time in Chongqing. We loved it there. I wish I had gotten out more to the street markets. Be sure to visit the silk museum and the art museum, if you can. They both sold some great souvenirs of the area.