Friday, October 5, 2007

Goodies Galore

As was previously noted by my dear friend Serdic, today is my birthday (he also was the FIRST person to wish me a happy birthday!). It was a quiet day, but a good one. Jeff was home today (one of his Fridays off, as he works an alternative schedule here which is so nice). We slept in, lazed the morning away drinking coffee, goofing off on our computers and talking. Finally, we both got moving. Jeff to take a nice long ride on the new toy. Me to run a bunch of errands (what's wrong with this picture?).

However, he did good this year. BIG TIME GOOD. I had mentioned a couple of things that I had my eye on, and one of them a person just doesn't buy for herself. Hoping he'd pay attention and find them for one of the holidays that we do gifts for each other (we don't do all of them, mainly as he is SO darned hard to buy for I gave up!). This first one is one I've wanted for a long time, even though they just came out with it. It's the Willow Tree "Child of My Heart". How could I have wanted it for so long but they just now are introducing it you ask? Well, I have long loved the Willow Tree line of figurines. I always told myself that 'someday when I was a mommy' I'd get one that really spoke to me that said "Girl, you are a MOMMY". Seems silly, but there you go. I happened to see one in a store a while ago, so looked it up on-line. And sent Jeff a link (like my not-so-subtle hints I leave for him?). He came through and it's even more amazing than I remembered. Especially standing there next to the pictures of Emi. :) "Our Gift" is the next one I hope to have, someday. Because, honestly, that is what I feel Emi is ... our gift. Maybe on the first anniversary of our Family Day. Or maybe just because I want us to have it. :) At some point this will be moved to our fireplace mantle, FAR FAR away from tiny little inquisitive hands. But for now, it will stay here on my desk a gentle reminder of a little girl waiting, and a husband loving.

The gift I thought I was going to get (because I 'helped') he didn't give me this morning with the WT figurine. Tricky, he is. I thought he changed his mind, did I mention he's tricky? I spend tons of time a bit of time on Rumor Queen and saw a link (that is not there now, figures) for They have the most darling things, and they personalize which I love (I know, it's just one more of my oddities). I fell in love with a little silver charm, so I just had to tell Jeff *all* about it! He had it personalized with Emi's name and birth date on the back. Perfect.

We ended up having a nice quiet dinner at home. Which is exactly what I wanted, especially since Jeff made dinner. Steak pinwheels (don't get excited, they come from the butcher that way) with rice and peas. A Kiy dinner for sure! I love me some frozen peas. Another of my oddities.

A good day to be sure. And now, 19 days until we leave for China. Not that I am keeping track or anything.

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Magi said...

Happy Birthday. It sounds like you had a lovely day.