Saturday, September 8, 2007

Updated Information

Sometimes, if you are very lucky, you will receive more information about your baby after referral. Usually, however, if this happens it's weeks after (at least, that's what I've seen so far). We have been extremely fortunate, more than extremely, actually.

First off, in today's mail we received a two-page report dating from when Fu Le Wen was found. When we talked with Meg at CAWLI (our adoption agency) on Friday she said that this was in the mail to us, so needless to say I was looking for it. Wonderful news, we know her measurements at 'almost' birth. Something we sure didn't expect. She sounds like she was a happy baby, normal in all things 'baby' (eating, sleeping and ... othering :) ). At three months she could roll over, yippee!, and she was quite inquisitive, paying attention to sounds and voices. Everything we read sounds spot on, and we are thrilled. Really, it's another piece of LeWen's early life and one that we think she will be happy to have someday. We sure are!

The other amazing bit of news is that I was contacted by a gal with Fuling Kids International. If I am reading everything right (and right now, I am soooo floating that I could have it wrong!), this is a parent group that does fundraisers for Fuling SWI helping with various costs and extras. It sounds amazing and I expect we will get more involved, once we are home. This very nice woman contacted me, to tell me that she has more information on Fu Le Wen but needed to know the file she had was for the 'right' child (ours) before she could share it with us. I emailed her a scan of her name and (YES!) it is! She has a file for us when we get home (we need to have physical custody of her to receive it). But, in the meantime she was able to share a few tidbits with us that made us oh so happy.

On the paperwork that we received, LeWen was still at the orphanage (as of May 30, 2007). But the paperwork she has says that LeWen has been in foster care for the past two months! This is wonderful news! She is learning more, has one-on-one care and is bonding with her foster parents. While this will make her initial days with us potentially harder, it will enable her to bond strongly with us as she will have already experienced a family environment. This is such unexpected wonderful news, it's hard to describe to those not 'living and breathing' International Adoption.

Special Note: If you have a child from Fuling SWI and have not joined hop on over. They are nice nice folks! They have a yahoo group that seems pretty active to me. Also, this very kind woman asked me to pass on her name and email to anyone adopting from Fuling. She *may* have a file on your child too! Drop me an email and I will hook ya up.

Friday we had our conference call with our agency where we could ask any questions that we might have and go over her file with our social worker. One of the things we found out from that meeting is our 'expected' travel date. I wasn't going to say anything, as I didn't want MY hopes to get raised that we'd make that date but, it's too late. I am already counting down the days! With any luck, our travel group will leave the States on October 25!!! Since we were not expecting to get to go until at least sometime early November, we are quite happy (Jeff is happy, I am bouncing off the walls - reworking the packing list, checking airfare, checking the weather ... ).

Also on Friday we spoke with Dr. Davies from AdoptMed (The Center of Adoption Medicine) out of Seattle (they work with families all over the US). The conversation was wonderful, so much so that now I want to move to Seattle as I want HIM for our pediatrician! This was something that we had already set up, a week or so before referral (when we 'thought' we were IN ... never a sure thing as most folks know). We emailed him our referral info and then set up a day/time to chat with him via the phone. He read her files and thinks she is right on target for health and growth. He thinks she may be a bit petite, but normal (sure, normal NOW, wait 'til she's lived with us for awhile!). We went over her entire file, and he is mailing us a packet with prescriptions for us to fill and take with us for the baby. Also, they are on-call if we need them while in China and will happily see her once she is home. We are thinking of making a stop in Seattle (since that is our 'touch the ground' spot anyway) and staying a day or two there. That way she can see Dr. Davies without a 4-hour (each way) car trip! If you are toying with the idea, we were very pleased with our conversation with Dr. Davies. It is worth the peace of mind, to talk with him at referral, know he (or one of his associates) is available while we are in China, and once we are home. Adoption Medicine is their specialty, and it shows. If you have any questions about this, just shoot me an email. Also, check out their web site - TONS off good info!

Wow, this ended up being quite long but so much is happening right now! I am betting it slows down a bit over the next few weeks and then it will get crazy again!

Nite all :)

P.S. I added a link over on the left for the AdoptMed folks. Enjoy!


Lythrum said...

So exciting, not that far away at all. I would be working on a packing list too. Mostly deciding what books to take with me. :)

amy said...

How wonderful that you got that information. I am thrilled for you

Kiy said...


Thanks for visiting. BTW, my (3 used bookstore) books are already in the pile (not surprised, are you?) but I still need to upload a couple on my Palm. Need at least 5-6 there, you never know if one is going to be a dud!

BTW - how are YOU feeling these days? :)




Nice to see you back visiting. Thank you, we are beyond happy about all of that!

Cheers, Kiy

Revka said...

Oh, that's wonderful! I know LeWen will be happy to have this information later, and we moms cherish these facts about our children. Have a wonderful day.