Saturday, September 8, 2007


A couple weeks back, some of you may recall, I won a tremendous bloggy giveaway when Shannon (Rocks in My Dryer - don't you just love her?) hosted the most amazing Giveaway Carnival. What did I win? A new blog makeover from Revka over at RSDesigns! Well, after much tweaking and back-and-forthing, it's DONE!! Yippee!!

I'm telling you guys, that woman has patience like you wouldn't believe. Well, some of you might ... having dealt with my oh-so wonderful decisiveness before! ;) The idea I had at the start completely (after she had already started) changed 180 degrees when I saw something that I just loved, and wanted my blog like that .... only different. Hahahaha - sounds just like me, doesn't it? She tossed out ideas left and right, listened closely to what I wanted and what I didn't want, and eased my stress when I thought I was being a pain in the rear end (I *was* but she made sure to tell me I wasn't!). She "gets" who the blog is for and doesn't come into the project with preconceived ideas and she made me feel like part of the design team. She really wants to know where you want to go with this, and helps when you have no idea!

Those that know me know that I am a bit, shall we say, particular, about customer service. In fact, I am manic about it. Probably because of all my years in restaurant and retail management. It was pounded into me, and I (happily) pounded it into others! Revka's customer service is top notch, all the way.

I don't write this post lightly. If I had been 'so-so' happy and thought "ah, no biggie, I might not keep it later on" I would never have written this post. But, because I am gloriously thrilled with the way it turned out, I wanted to share just how great an experience this was.

If you are looking for a blog makeover, really, Revka's your gal.


Serdic said...

What? I'm not saying anything! =) See, this me doing my imitation of a rock.

Looks great!

Revka said...

Awwww! Your post made me oh-so-happy! That is exactly the experience I seek to provide for each client, and I am thrilled to have been able to fulfill your dreams for your blog. I really enjoyed working with you on this project, and you were a great client.

I'm sorry you still think that you were a pain to work with. Let me assure you, I would much rather work with someone who tells me exactly what they like and don't like than to work with someone who says that anything is fine. :) I could not have made your design dreams a reality without your input, and I thank you for your honesty.

Again, I am so thrilled for the wonderful changes being made in your life. I will continue to check in on you and your wonderful family.

Kiy said...

Thanks Serd!

Revka, I don't really think I was a pain to work with (I *am* polite when being demanding, after all - I was raised right! lol). But those that know me know that I am be a bit of a pain. It just goes to show how patient you are, that YOU don't think I was!

Again, thanks. I love my blog!