Friday, September 7, 2007

Finally, a name

We thought we had her name settled. We had gone back and forth on exacts (remember this post?). But, by last weekend, it had been settled. THEN, Wednesday happened. Our hearts flew to our throats, so much in love with this little bitty thing, half-way around the world. I loved (love!) the name Le Wen, and so did Jeff. He approached me about changing the order of her names - keeping the names we had selected, just changing it around some. I loved the idea, was thrilled that he wanted to!

Fu Le Wen

We have decided to name little Fu Le Wen: Emi LeWen Victoria. We are extremely happy with moving her Chinese name into the second spot; a spotlight spot if you will, on her Chinese heritage. She will still have options when she is older to use any of her names, in any order she wishes - and in any way she wishes. With such a short first name we really wanted her to have those options. (BTW, for those of you wondering, the very nice lady at the Chinese restaurant told us that Emi means 'peaceful' in Chinese. You could see her rolling the word/name around in her head, she kept saying it 'sort of' to herself and then it was like a light went on! She was so excited to share that with us. Funny though, I still think I made that name up! But well after the fact we find out that Emi means "blessed with beauty" in Japanese and now "peaceful" in Chinese.)

These baby's come to us with so little. Usually the clothes they are wearing, their names and maybe a few tidbits of information of their life before they joined their forever family. We want her to know her heritage, both of her birth country and the history of the area she was born in. We hope that in keeping part of her name, the name that has so much meaning, she will be proud to be Chinese. And American.


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oh I love the name..Its so soo pretty! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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