Monday, September 3, 2007

The Stork is in the Air!

I was just on RQ, checking in real fast before heading off to bed. Surprise, surprise ... someone had been over to the CCAA site and saw that people with dossiers logged in as of November 25, 2005 have been matched.


With any luck at all, the packets were mailed to agencies on Friday or even Saturday, although it could be that they went into the mail first thing Monday morning (China time). So, we *should* expect to hear something from our agency any time this week. Of course, I am hoping for Tuesday! And, wouldn't you know, Jeff has to be out of his office all morning and possibly some/all of the afternoon. And where he is going to be - no cell phone coverage. Could be worse, could still be at the job in ABQ and he'd (with our luck) be gone this week. That ol' silver lining, gotta find it somewhere! :)

Okay, off to 'try' and sleep again tonight. I actually slept a bit last night hoping for more of the same tonight. Especially since I doubt I will be sleeping at all tomorrow night!



Allie's Mama said...

Congrats!!!! I cant wait to see your referral!!! This is such wonderful news!!!!

Wishing You All The Best!


RoLo said...

Hope you got some rest, cant wait to see your referral.

Serdic said...


Go Kiy! Go Kiy!

This would make a lovely early birthday present, to be sure. =) I'm (and by I'm, I mean we're) thinking good thoughts for you.

Kiy said...

Thanks for visiting. Yep, getting close now. That Benadryl really works, I actually slept last night.

An early b'day present would rock my world, thanks for the good thoughts. It's not every little girl that has her Uncle Serdic pulling for her ... even if we aren't naming her after him! /hugs