Sunday, September 2, 2007

Is this the week?

There is a rumor out there on the wind that we may, just possibly, be seeing referrals arriving this week. Oh gosh. The rumors have been up and down with how many days will be referred (remembering that last month the CCAA got through November 21, 2005 and our LID is the 23rd). Now, we should be a shoe-in. Yup yup. But, what if? They have, once, done a 2-day referral batch. The 22nd is huge, could they just do one day? That's what scares me.

What saddens me is that I have made some pretty incredible friends through this wait that have LID's ahead and behind us. One of my better friends (hey, 'Traci in TX' soon to be NH!) has already gone to China for her most beautiful Aimee and is now home (for all of about one day). I so wanted to travel with her. She's even with our agency, so we would have spent the entire time with her (and Chris). Ah well, was not to be. But, back to my "how many days" issue ... there are more friends that fall later in the month that I want to travel with. Wouldn't it be oh-so-wonderful if the CCAA did indeed finish all the November LID's and even just tip-toed into December. Really, this batch of folks could really really use the boost. It's been a long almost two years for all of us.

Needless to say, the November 2005 room at RQ's forum is a busy one this weekend. We are all chatting about "being next", packing lists from our friends who have BTDT (been there done that) with what worked for them and what didn't, we are also chatting about ... anything to keep us sane! We are all excited, and pretty much beside ourselves.

Here in the "Kiy & Jeff household", I have massive butterflies going. Trying not to be excited and scared all at the same time ... and failing. Jeff, Mr. Calm Cool and Collected, isn't fazed at all. He says he will get excited when he sees the photos and talks with the adoption specialists that we have lined up to look over her paperwork. Once they give their 'blessing' he will be excited. Plus, I am excited enough for both of us. In fact, the term 'basket case' comes to mind right about now. Something he has been a dear about and not mentioned.

This post is rambling, and I know it. But even when rereading and trying to make it a bit more well, readable, I can't seem to. It's really how I am feeling right now.

All I want to do is set up her room and be in there. However, the painter dude dropped the ball and can't start until September 10th. Bah! So, there is no reason to buy the furniture yet and pretty much everything is on hold until then. It's driving me insane. Really, those boxes are the only ones I am interested in opening and 'playing' with right now. :)

Okay, off to bed. To 'try' and sleep. I wonder if we have any Benedryl in the house, 'cause after four straight nights of about 2-3 hours of sleep I am a walking zombie. With butterflies in my tummy.

P.S. If anyone knows where I can get this bib, I love it! I have no idea how long (or how) I got the picture but I *need* the bib! :)


Lythrum said...

Woot! I'm so excited for you guys. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

Serdic said...

We're keeping every appendage crossed for you too! =)

RoLo said...

Hoping to see an update with referral details soon:)

Kiy said...

Thanks all, it's getting pretty exciting around here. <3


Anna said...

OHHHHHH GIRL IM SHIVERING IN MY BOOTIES (I still have it >:)) for you guys. Although I may have to go with you to keep you standing. ;) Take a deep breath...and take heart that the sleepless night really take over when you have that bundle of joy in your arms.

Love and Laughter

Annwynn of Hibernia

Kiy said...

Anna! You found us. :)