Friday, September 14, 2007

Oddly calm

I am not normally known as being calm. I am somewhat overly excitable (quit laughing Serdic!) , often perky - especially in the mornings (tends to tick off most people, yeah, I don't get it either), and tend to run a mile a minute as I always bite off more than I can chew (I think it's in my genes - hi Mom!).

However. It started yesterday afternoon. I don't know where this sense of peace came from, but there it is. Yes, I still have 41 days until I can climb on that plane for China (not that I am counting the days, mind you) but here I am, happy and calm. Part of it could be what I did yesterday.

I folded baby clothes.

Yeah, I know it will get old pretty darn quick but ... gosh, I loved it! I washed everything that my mom and I bought this week. I have a 'few' outfits that mix and match better than any wardrobe I've ever had. Let's just say, we both told each other we were not going to go overboard ("they grow so fast, no reason to go nuts" is something I think we may have said to each other ... 17 or 18 times). I actually had to make decisions on what to leave at home and what to take - THAT'S how many adorable things we found. What's even more scary, 90% of it was pink or had pink as a major color. I am not a pink person. At all. In fact, I despise pink. It's like a pink explosion happened in my family room! Let's all hope that this pink thing is now out of my system and all other clothing I pick out will be non-pink. Yeah, right. :)

So, I know I owe emails – I have not forgotten. Things have been a bit hectic the last few days (my parents have been in town for a quick visit) and I took yesterday to do laundry (and fold baby clothes) and actually neaten up the house (yeah, may be the nesting thing is finally kicking in?). But I promise to catch up this weekend.

Unless I find more baby clothes.


Serdic said...

It was more of a guffaw... a snort really.

Revka said...

I despise pink myself, yet it's okay that my girls love it. Odd, I know. Their bedroom has two purple walls and two pink walls. I guess I'm alright with it because the pink is for them, not me. :)

Kiy said...

Funny enough Serd, I heard that snort way over here. It was echoed by Jeff's. And yeah, this time the pink was for me but as much as I am hoping for a girly girl (um, without the pink?) with tea parties and dolls, I am sure I am going to get a science geek blowing up my kitchen with her dad. Would be just my luck. Well, either that or she will hang with her Aunt Mary, build debris hut and eat bugs. BUGS! Yeah, if there is any justice for my mom out there both will happen and she will wake me up every nite at 1am. And 2am. And 3am. Rinse, repeat. :)