Saturday, September 15, 2007

40 Days

So, a good good good friend said "Don't think of it as 6 weeks. Instead, think of it as three sets of two weeks. Yeah, rationalization through ratios." You know, I like that! I am going with it.

1st set: Sept 13th - 26th
2nd set: Sept 27 - Oct 10th
3rd set: Oct 11th - Oct 24th
Departure Day: October 25th

Yeah, this could work! Serdic my friend, you are brilliant. But then, I knew that. Oh, and during the first set is our anniversary (14 years!!) and the second set is my birthday. Talk about these being good months!

Friends really are an amazing thing. Another friend once said to me "friends are the family you choose". I know it's not original, it's been said by many but when she said it, it really hit home. My family has had a sort of falling out that I am not going to hash out here, just suffice to say that those I am truly close to have dwindled. I have added to my 'family' by building some amazing friendships over the last few years. My mom is far away, which is hard. I am very fortunate to not only call her mom, but also friend. My best friends in the whole world are scattered all over the US and Canada. That too is hard. But, I know that I can pick up the phone or toss an email off to any one of these people and they are there for me. Good times, and bad. They have all shared this journey with us, and while we are all so crazily happy that Jeff and I have this amazing little girl, I will never forget the love and support that came from all over.

Love, no matter how it's found, really is priceless.


amy said...

what a beautiful post and I am so glad you have that love and the countdown of 2 weeks instead of days

Louanne said...

Friends are awesome especially when family goes off the deep end...or just doesn't understand :)

Nadia says HI!


Revka said...


Magi said...

The time is going to fly as you get things ready to go. Enjoy some alone time for just the two of you. Eat out a lot!!

You beat me to the punch on my blog. I didn't get a chance last night to let you know, so I stopped by this morning. :o)