Saturday, September 1, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Jeff and I watched this DvD last weekend. He had wanted to see it, I knew I 'should' but really had no interest. But I made him a deal. If I could stitch and ignore it, I would get it in on one of my Netflix movies(which rocks, btw) and then he could see it. Deal. It arrived on Saturday, so I honored my deal and watched it with him.

It was nothing at all like I was expecting. But, truth be told, I have no idea what I was expecting (and yes, I actually DID watch it, while stitching!). I learned a lot, and since we watched it at home we were able to stop it at any time and discuss it (and this 1.5 hour movie extended to almost 3 hours because we did stop and discuss it, a lot). Jeff, while not knowing all of what was covered in this DvD, knew quite a bit. Helps in his line of work, and the fact that this is something that he is quite interested in.

I won't ruin it for those that have yet to watch it. But, even if you don't care for politics, ignore the fact that he is a politician. I am really not all that into politics. I was, back in college and that was more than enough for me. Now, I have my 'pet' concerns and follow the politicians that I feel will push or save those. I never felt I was being lectured 'at', and the movie really held my attention. More than I thought it would.

This film opened my eyes to quite a bit. We were already doing some in the way of conservation. We aren't as green as we should be, but we are more than I thought we were. We do quite a bit in the way of recycling and saving gas, but we are going to step up what we are/are not doing. Big time. We drive a car that gets 'good' gas mileage. Not great, but what we can do right now. We are a family of two, almost three. Absolutely no reason to drive an SUV or a minivan - as much as I'd love to (and oh, I will miss the dream of someday owning my Hyundai Tuscan!). We will continue to drive our little Ford Focus until we can swing a car that gets much better mileage. We are looking at hybrids, and while new ones are currently out of our price range a nice 'gently used' one might be in our future in the next year. Jeff rides a motorcycle to work almost daily. He bought it for two reasons. He likes motorcycles, and they get great gas mileage. In time, he hopes to get one that gets even better mileage. We are already not driving a whole lot, we are going to try for even less (going to try biking more, even to the grocery store!).

Something we have been doing to save money, is adjusting our thermostat higher in the summer, lower in the winter. We will continue to do this, maybe tweaking it a bit more now. We already have a few of those fancy (expensive) light bulbs, and as others burn out ... replace them with the better ones. We use recyclable batteries, we are going to try and change out to only recyclables. We are going to step up recycling, period. We are going to take space out of the garage and make a recycle area. There is more, much more, that we can (and will) do. These are just what we are planning for now and in the immediate future.

Really, it will take Capitol Hill to make some major changes (passing the Kyoto Treaty would be a major first step, the US and China are the only large-nation hold outs). Much of what needs to be done will not be popular - something that Mr. Gore did not really touch on. With Jeff's line of work, this is something that he is well aware of. Mainly, nuclear power. Not very popular with the voting public.

But we can help. We have to. I'm not really on a soap box, this movie/documentary just got me thinking. Thinking hard. I can't believe I almost did not see this, and how much of this I didn't know. My life has been changed, with watching one 'simple' 90 minute movie.

An Inconvenient Truth


Lythrum said...

I know that there are a lot of concerns about nuclear power, but here in the Tennessee Valley where we live there are a lot of nuclear power plants. Our combined utility bill (electric, water and sewer) was $93 for a 1800 square foot home. Not too shabby. :)

Jeff said...

Yes, the one thing that disappointed me about Mr. Gore's movie, is the way that he completely ignored nuclear power. Weird.

After all, one of the biggest reasons the Europeans produce so much less CO2 per person than does the US, is that they built nuke plants instead of coal burners. LOTS of them. France, for instance, gets over 70% of its electricity from its 56 nuke plants.

But anti-nuclear hysteria seems to be a big blind spot for folks on the "left", sort of like global warming denial is for folks on the "right" . . .