Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Last night we went out to dinner to celebrate (as many do) and because the kitchen was closed. I took the day OFF all things house to concentrate on this! Am I a bit smitten? :)

We decided to go to our favorite restaurant in the area. Hands down, it's the Shanghai Restaurant. It's no where near where we live now, and we found it while wandering all over the area looking for the DMV. What we really like is the fact that the people (mainly one woman) working there are SO nice. This wonderful lady remembers us - remembers we just moved here, asks how we are doing, how we like it. WOW! We also love the food, of course it's good or we wouldn't go back even with the great atmosphere, but it's hot hot hot. Tempture wise, although Jeff reports that even he only asks for medium heat, and he LIKES it hot! The food is made and served when you order, you can tell it's not sitting around all day waiting. Even the bowl of rice was steaming! It's so hot that we have learned to open things like spring rolls up before trying to eat them. DON'T bite into anything without doing that or you WILL be sorry. We love it there.

So, of course (hahaha - of COURSE) we took her pictures in with us, and just in case, I grabbed all of the paperwork. We had the ladies ooohing and ahhhing over her photo. They kept saying how beautiful she is (made a Mama's heart happy to hear), and pronounced Fuling with sort of a soft 'T' just before the 'L'. I asked her to repeat is several times, but even with practicing I doubt we will ever say it like that. While our favorite lady (I wish they had name tags!) was looking at the page of photos, she saw the other documents and picked them up. She read to us some of what was there: very healthy, very happy baby, etc.

BUT, the most amazing thing. She translated her name for us , Le = happy and Wen = smart. And then, when we showed her the name we had (finally) decided on (to be announced soon!), she was thrilled with the way we had selected to put her name together and even was able to give us a translation for the baby's first name! I will save that translation for the next blog entry. :)

Oh, and check out our fortunes. It is the first time we have both received the exact same one. So we decided that meant that it was doubled!


amy said...

what a wonderful have made me tear up!!! Congrats and I am glad you were able to celebrate

Roy and Lori said...

Congrats on your precious
little girl. She is beautiful!

TheSinger said...

The first time I went for Chinese with Serdic, which was our third date (and the night I decided I was definitely, definitely interested in this guy), my fortune read something like "You are well liked and fortune is smiling on you."

There's something to be said for those little slips of paper. And yes, I kept that one.

Mike de Freitas said...

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! And you are now learning one of the most wonderful aspects of adoption - you are not just adopting a daughter, the whole world is beginning to see you in a whole different way too. You are part of a much bigger family than you ever were before. You may not know everybody's names but the connection is real and tangible. You will see other adoptive parents' across the street and smile at one another. You will see other Chinese people across the way and wave. It's a good feeling.

Welcome to lovely LeWen! She has already brought such happiness. You have so much to look forward to!

Jane, Mike, Ani and Elia