Sunday, August 12, 2007


That would be us, for our China Adoption. Early August referrals saw family's with LID's through November 21, 2005. With our date of 23 November, we can (and happy do!) say that we are NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT! Finally, I am allowing myself to get excited. I know, you missed that part in the earlier sentence, I was trying to be low key. Did it work? So, we are hoping to see our little darling's face for the first time right around Labor Day. Gonna be one seriously long looooong holiday weekend.

We have now lived in three homes since filing our paperwork with the Chinese government. I so wanted to work on and decorate the baby's room in each of those places. But, the first time, something held me back. And, considering that we didn't know we were moving from Japan until late summer of 2006, you'd think I would have started. By the time we moved to Albuquerque I was sure it was time to start working on her room. I poured over bedding sets, furniture, paint swatches. But still didn't start. Thankfully, I never did as we left a short 17 months later. It would have broken my heart to have set up two nurseries only to have to pack them up and move them. BUT now, oh my gosh, now! I can start. In fact, I already have. Just last Saturday Jeff opened the door to the UPS dude. In it was the most wonderful *FIRST* nursery gift we have received. My mom sent us the bedding package that I had picked out. I wasn't going to open the package as it was all nicely tucked into this bag thing. No reason, I *had* picked it out after all, I didn't need to touch-and-feel. HA! I finally broke down Wednesday and just had to open it. But really, I am pretty impressed that I lasted that long.

You can see (right?) why I love it. Jeff even liked it, but then he would have liked it as long as it made me happy (he's a pretty darned good guy) ... and that it wasn't TOTALLY pink (in fact, not even one little spec of pink!). But this is a red and cream checked gingham, with a black and cream hounds tooth, and sage green with dashes of yellow, and flowers and dragonflies and SO very happy and cheerful. I am in love. It's even better than the photo. I am thinking of trying to match the green for the paint, but so tempted to go with the yellow. Decisions, decisions. The idea behind this bedding was that I was trying to find cute dragons (not easy!). I was thinking mystical, with dragons, fairies, maybe a castle. I found the cutest dragon statue thing when my mom was here and we took a quick trip over to Tacoma for the day. That pretty much cemented the dragon thing. Also, I have had a cross-stitch piece in my stash that I wanted to stitch for the baby's room for quite awhile now. So I dug that out on August 1st and started working on it. My goal, to have it finished and framed *before* we leave for China. Yikes, more stitching less unpacking? Don't think Jeff is going to go for it. It's called A Dragon's Garden by Dragon Dreams, and I think it goes well with the bedding. I am going to add some darling little charms, a dragonfly or two, maybe even a cute little frog, hmmm .... will have to try and scan and post them when I get them. For non-stitchers, hard to describe. I have been enjoying working on it so much. I think of our little girl, wherever she is, all the while I am stitching. I am going to write a little note to her and attach it to the back, telling her all my thoughts and dreams about her while I stitched it. As much as I am enjoying the stitching, I can't wait to see it done.


Serdic said...


I'm so happy for you guys. =)

Kiy said...

/hugs! I've been wondering how you are doing. Thanks, you've been in our corner since the beginning of this and your support has meant the world to us. <3

Lythrum said...

Woot! I'm so happy for you. ;) I also found out last Wednesday that our baby is a girl also. :) I share your disdain of things pink and I'm trying to steer everyone away from lacy baby doll looking things. I really like that bedding set. :)

RoLo said...

This is so exciting:) I cant wait to see your referral.

Lorraine - Fellow 11 Moons DTC'er

Kiy said...

Lythrum, wow a baby druid. Poor "D" ... outnumbered! Happy for you guys. And yeah, pink is over rated at best (in my book, that is) but the stroller I am in love with ... I can only find in pink! Ah well, one thing I guess I can live with. (hehe)




Happy you found me, I have your site bookmarked and keep watching for your news too!



TheSinger said...

Congrats! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all proceeds as planned!

Kiy said...

Hey gal, thanks for stopping in. Got an email from your man (I *love* saying that!). Thanks for alerting him to the news!



P.S. Happy Birthday!

Revka said...

Oh, Kiy! I am so excited for you guys! And I love that baby set you have; I'm not much for pink myself. Congrats!!!!!