Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bloggy Winnings

This is much belated. Just another thing to chalk up to the mess with Verizon. If we were to ever move again (so not going to happen) I think we'd both make sure that Verizon was not the DSL company and our only choice for Internet. Who knew? Live and learn.

Anyway, on to positive happy happy things!

A couple weeks back the wonderful Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer held the end-all-be-all of drawings. She hosted the Doggy Days of Summer and it totally rocked. There were, if my horrible memory serves, between 350-400 different drawings with folks signing up to host their drawing left and right. I did not host one, as that idea is totally beyond my comprehension right now, but if I pull my act together (and open ALL these boxes) maybe next year I can join in the fun. What I *did* do however, was to enter as many as I could! Surprisingly enough, I won a couple! I was totally jammed by what I won. First off, is THE most darling rain coat ever. Jill over at Charming & Delightful gave this away. Oh my! Words just do not describe how cute this is. Now, it IS a size four. Yep, no darling little bundle of joy yet and I am in the possession of the cutest rain coat ever in a size that will not be able to be used for years. (1) I think I missed the fact that it was a size four but (2) who cares? It's too cute and I just love it. Also, it rains here ... rarely. Less, in fact, than it did in Albuquerque (go figure). But we are just a few short hours from the great and wonderful Seattle, so we will just have to go over for lots and lots of visits. Not like we will have to wait for their rainy season. :) Thanks again Jill, just opening that box made my day.

The other totally cool prize I won is from Revka over at RS Designs. Its a custom header and blog design. Whooooeeeee! (I am not excited at all, can you tell?) She has been a doll to work with, especially since I know exactly next to nothing about blogging and templates. She keeps tossing around ideas and we are fine tuning the bloggy goodness. With luck I will have my brand-spanking new *bea-U-ti-ful* blog up and running soon-ish. If you are looking for something new and sparkly for your blog, hop (haha, more reference to the froggy raincoat!) over to Revka's blog. Bet she can hook ya up with something fab. Watch this space for updates!

Another gal, Leah from Sugarfoots, contacted me after the drawing was over. I had entered her drawing and did not win. However, our adoption story touched her heart and she is going to make us a custom lovey for the baby. As tickled and thrilled I was (and AM) about the other two drawings I won, this one made me cry. I am so very touched that she would do something like this. So very sweet of her, especially knowing that she also was getting ready for a cross-country move (and boy-o-boy, can I understand what she's dealing with on that!). Leah, if you are reading this, you rock gal. Seriously. Hugs and safe journey. Also, she has a shop (actually, two, I think) over at is a new discovery for me, just this summer. If you haven't ventured over there try it! It's fun and there is SO much. It's sorta like ebay, only better. Prices are posted (no auction), everything (that I have found at least) is handmade, and much is made by stay-at-home moms. What a very cool concept. I have placed a couple of orders from some of the sellers and I have been very impressed with everything I have received. Go visit, you won't be sorry.

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