Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Baby Names

We decided on a name a long time ago. Well, we had the basics, but it took us a bit to fine tune it. I have wanted to name my daughter after my grandfather for quite a few years. Since well before I met Jeff. My grandfather's name was Emery, and still to this day, a hero. Back when I was thinking this, one didn't hear too much about girls being given boy names, so I just tucked this idea in the back on my mind and thought "maybe a middle name". Then, when I was still living in Washington, DC (working for a Montessori school), I met one of the high school students working at our summer camp. His name, Emre. I don't really remember much about him, except his name. I do remember that told me that his mother was French, and this was the French version of Emery.

Fast forward to marrying Jeff and starting to talk about raising a family. Once we realized that adoption was the way we were going to build our family together, we (okay, I) started talking names. When we decided on China and knew the odds of receiving a little girl were high, I asked him what he thought about Emre. He was "okay" with it. Then Emi stuck in my mind. We started calling her that, and that she has been since. I thought I made it up, so imagine my surprise when a friend of mine in Japan told me that Emi is a shortened (nickname) of the Japanese formal name Emiko. Well, go figure. We have since decided to not to use Emre, sticking with Emi as a first name.

Meaning: Blessed with beauty
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: EM ee

Meaning: Child graced with beauty; smiling child
Origin: Japanese
Pronunciation: EM ee ko

I thought the above search results were interesting. Out of all the 'big' baby name web sites, only two showed Emiko (the above and, and only the above listed Emi. There are other spellings, Emme, Emmie, Emmy, etc. but none with our spelling.

For a middle name, I wanted a name from Jeff's family. We kicked a bunch around (both his mom and dad come from pretty big families). It took some doing to narrow one down that we both liked, and that the lady had special meaning to Jeff. We have finally decided on Victoria, Jeff's mom's sister. In fact, we came pretty close on swapping the names around. Instead of Emi Victoria, she was almost Victoria Emre. Jeff's aunt was called Tori, which I love, but this little girl, the daughter we still didn't even know, had been Emi for us for so long, neither of us could imagine calling her anything else.

This is not something we have shared with many people, only our very closest family and a handful of extremely great friends. Part of it, I think, is that we don't really talk about the adoption with many people. Actually, many know, but few know the details. For one thing, with the wait drawing out so much, I have had to put it aside to protect my heart. In the early days, it's all I could think about, dream of, plan for. As the wait went from the expected six months to (now) 20+ months, I had to do other things and start living for today. I couldn't wish my life away, waiting on this baby. In fact, so much has happened to Jeff and I since starting on this journey, I just couldn't dwell on it. Oh, there were (are) days of funk, but I really have tried not to let this get me down.

Back to her name, we are pretty happy with what we are doing. I do keep going back and forth on Emi vs. Emre, thinking that maybe when she was older she'd like a more formal name. But, she is Emi to us, and has been for so long. Nicknames are fine (I have to tell myself that all the time), and naming her Emre but calling her Emi would be fine. Guess we still have some decisions to make.


Tara said...

Emre or Emi Victoria will be just a beautiful name. She will be blessed indeed. And the nursery set? Gorgeous!

(You entered my bloggy giveaway, the little baby shoes. Been following your story ever since! Congratulations on your up and coming little one!)

TheSinger said...

What a beautiful name. She will be both a blessing and blessed.

I love hearing about names, why people choose the names they do, what they mean to people. I've had the names I'd like to use for my own children, should I be so blessed, picked out for years. I love that you've chosen a name so meaningful for you both.

Lythrum said...

I like the names a lot too, I don't think that you could go wrong with any of your choices. I'm working girl names now too. We had a boy name picked out but were having difficulty with girls, and decided to wait until after the U/S to see if we needed to come up with more. We're thinking a first name of Scottish origin after my family side, since the baby will have his family name. We were actually thinking of Muriel, and then we could call her Mure. :)

Serdic said...

Serdic has a lovely ring, and it would be unique! =)

Kim said...

Hello :) I've added you to our blogroll :)

Kiy said...

Gosh, I need to keep on top of my comments - what fun! Tara, thanks so much for visiting. I will have to stop on over for a visit again at your blog too! Singer, gal, we haven't even met and my baby girl has another "honorary" aunt. And I am with you, I love hearing 'name' stories! Lythrum, you know, if we got surprised (it *could* happen) I may have to pick your brain for boy names and Serdic, sorry to say it won't be Serdic. Although, you are right, it IS unique! <3's everyone, thanks!

Kiy said...

Oops, Kim - thanks! :)