Sunday, August 26, 2007


That's what is missing from my life right now. Oh sure, I have lots (LOTS) to do. Still fine tuning the packing list for China, still unpacking boxes and finding spots for everything, have lots of shopping to do - both for "the list" and the baby. Still haven't made decisions on key items: crib, dresser and car seat. I am fine tuning lots, but flat out decisions, well .... those that know me know it's not an easy thing!

I keep wandering around the house with a project in mind, only to get sidetracked and start something else, only to get sidetracked ... well, you get the idea. I thought it was just me, but then I visited the "November 2005 LID room" over at RQ's (btw, those gals have kept me sane through this wait!). Seems that all of us *nexters* are feeling the same way. Makes me feel better, but it isn't getting stuff done!

I have found a painter to do the baby's room, however. After Jeff and I spent the weekend before moving into the house painting the office we decided "never again". I love the color but the job itself, leaves much to be desired. Good thing it's just the office and most of the walls are covered up with furniture, artwork, etc. Sooner or later we want every room in this house to have C.O.L.O.R. I feel like I have lived in apartments or temporary houses forEVER. Even in Albuquerque, all of the paint was new and fresh, it seemed silly to repaint. Except that it was "renters beige" as I called it. Also, while I loved our home in Japan, we couldn't paint or decorate. So it didn't feel truly ours. But.This.House. We are HOME HOME HOME! And I want every room with color on the walls. I don't want to worry "will it sell" 'cause ... I ain't a selling! So, slowly but surely this guy will be out to paint each-and-every-room in this house. I am toying with having him paint our room too, while he's here. But I may wait on that. Decisions :)

Speaking of decisions, remember the baby bedding? Better close-up here. I had thought all along to pick up the sage for the walls. But then (oh decisive me) thought ... what about that darling yellow? There isn't much in the bedding, just splashes of it. Maybe it would look pretty. I love both ideas, the sage seems so soothing and gentle, the yellow bright and cheerful (thinking a gentle buttery yellow though). So, guess I will look through the paint book and see what I think. Good thing he can't start until sometime next week.


Lythrum said...

My vote goes for green! I mean yellow's nice and all, but green is my favorite. :) When we moved into our new house, we had the breakfast nook and dining room painted a light gray/green color that I just love. It started out a rust orange color that was very dark, and the gray/green made it so much lighter. There is a color palette on that you can look through, and while they don't have the same color anymore, a similar color is Lily Pond in the Natural & Comforting collection, card NC18. I'm pretty sure that when I do our baby's room it'll be some shade of green. :)

Kiy said...

Got your email, thanks! I love the color but like I said, that yellow is still calling my name. Decisions will have to be made. And made this week, because with any luck, next week I will be a basket case AND a mommy.

/sniffle :)

Ok, zipped over to ... I *do* like the Lily Pond. Hmmmm, okay, the green may just be yelling a bit louder than the yellow now!


Lythrum said...

I think that either way you can't go wrong, I like both colors. :) I guess you could always toss a coin!

Karen_thrifty said...

What about green walls with a yellow accent wall? Would that go ok together? I like yellow though.

The bedding is beautiful.

My hubby and I are going through the same thing with our house. We painted the living room about 9 months ago. It is an oatmeal color. Two weeks ago my hubby painted the kitchen red. It is pretty b/c we have white cabinets, appliances, and molding. The red helps the kitchen to pop.

Revka sent me to your site. She did a great job with your design.